Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Fraudulent Use of Dead Foreigners, Dormant Accounts and Bank Managers in Nigerian E-Mail Internet Beneficiary of Will, Next of Kin Scams

Bank Manager/Accountant Deceased
Ecobank Peter Michael Duckson Fritz
Ecobank Kodjo Williams Duckson Fritz
Union Bank of Nigeria Dr. Joseph Aboh Eng. Johnson Creek
Union Bank of Nigeria Celestine Ibe Eng. William Adam
Union Bank of Nigeria Irene Dickson Lee Wong
Union Bank of Nigeria Dr. Usman Bello Lee Wong


Dr. Thomas J. Walter
United Bank for Africa Jeremiah Ude Smith B. Andreas
United Bank for Africa Ceacer David Smith B. Andreas
United Bank for Africa Dr. Idris Sumanguru Smith B. Andreas
African Development Bank Mouga Kazim Smith B. Andreas
Bank of Togo Edward Yao Spear Adolf
Union Togolaise du Banque Lome-Togo Dr. Frank Godson unnamed
International Bank of Africa
Dr. Solomon Lar unnamed
Diamond Bank of Nigeria William Obidike unnamed
World Bank Dr. Yusuf sese Mr. Raheem
A "certain" bank Danlami Yaro Patrick Bartolucci
Prime Banks Dr. Robert Mooma Allan P. Seaman
Prime Banks William Nibo Allan P. Seaman
Union Bank of Nigeria Gilbert Unoh Carl J. Hackson
Top South African bank Dr. Martins Peters Eng. Johnson Creek
Banque Internationale Pour L'Afrique Au Togo Longicamell Sarowiwa unnamed
United Bank for Africa Godwin Emeka Smith B. Andreas
Eko international Bank Plc James Igba Wolfgang Schinister
Eko International Bank Plc, James Obiendu, Wolfgang Schinister
Eko International Bank Plc, Thomas Giwa Wolfgang Schinister
Gambia Central Bank Dr. Wisdom Yayah Gen. Mobutu Sese Seko
Prime Banks Sampson Okoli Allan P. Seaman
Banque International Du Burkina (BIB) Dr. Elvis Sankoh unnamed
Banque Internationale du Burkina (B.I.B.) Abdul Kabiru unnamed
United Bank for Africa Mallam Abba Kyari William U. Smith
Zenith Bank PLC. Kenneth Osagie Engineer Johnson Creek
Zenith Bank PLC. Colonel Elijar Kubu Engineer Johnson Creek
Zenith Commercial Bank Dr Ahmed Mustapha Nicholas Owen
Union Bank of Nigeria Plc 
Morakinyo Ojo Engineer Lawrence Nassib
Amalgamated Bank of South Africa Limited (ABSA) Franklin Makaty unnamed
Zenith Bank Dr. Chuks Adams Barry Kelly
Orient Bank of Nigeria William Eke Robert Noel
Misr Exterior Bank
Zamalek Branch, Cairo, Egypt
Ahmed Khaleed Ahmed Youseff Mustapha
Inland Bank Nig. Plc. Alhaji Saleh Garuba Saleh  
  Richard Jouel Magnus Leon
Stanbic International Bank Paul Chagi Kamel Hassan
Global Security Incorporated Barr. Harrison Godwin Eng. Van Ooster
Prime Bank Mr. Meche Adams C. Nicole
  Martins Eze Grant Parkers
Pacific Bank of South Africa, Johannesburg Branch Thomas Mbeki Charles Andason
Amalgamated Bank of South Africa ( ABSA ) United African Bank
First Bank of Nigeria Plc. Pacific International Merchant Bank
United Bank for Africa Plc. ( UBA ) Pacific Bank of South Africa
Ned Bank Ecobank
Trust Merchant Bank Global Security Incorporated
Stanbic International Bank Inland Bank Nigeria Plc.
Zenith Bank Plc. Zenith Commercial Bank
Orient Bank of Nigeria Banque Internationale du Burkina (B.I.B.)
Gambia Central Bank Banque Internationale Pour L'Afrique Au Togo
Diamond Bank of Nigeria International Bank of Africa Lome-Togo
Bank of Togo Misr Exterior Bank, Cairo, Egypt
Gunn-Finance Pty Ltd Empire Federal Bank
Equity Bank of Nigeria BIAO Bank
Eagle Bank Limited Tradevco Bank of Liberia
Banque Internationale du Benin Savannah Bank of Nigeria Plc.
North-Atlantic Securities Company Ltd. Lome-Togo Republic Development Bank for Southern Africa
Standard Chartered Bank, Union Bank Plc.
Liberty Bank PLC Reserve Bank of South Africa ( RBSA )
Gulf Bank Nigeria PLC
Stallion Bank Nigeria Limited
Idumota Branch
Middle Bank of Nigeria ( MBA ), Benin
Standard Eco Ltd. / Eco Bank Ltd. Access Bank PLC
Standard Bank of South Africa Barclays Bank of Nigeria
Oceanic Bank International Nigeria Ltd.

The foreigners have met their makers in many common forms. In fact, if everyone they state actually died in certain plane crashes, it would have crashed simply because the plane had thousands of people on it.

Locations of death:

• Kenya airways (A3103000) plane crash
• Egyptian airline 990 air crash on the 31st of October 1999
• On the 2nd of Dec. 2002 in a car accident along Accra Express Road
• On the 11th of June 2001, involved in a car accident along Nouvissi Express Road
• Ghastly auto accident along Sagbama Express Road in River State, South-South Nigeria
• a Motor Accident which occurred at Ibadan Express Highway
• On the 21st December, 2002 our customer, his wife and their three children were involved in a car accident along Sagbama Express Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
• All occupants of  the vehicle burnt to ashes
• car accident along Sagamu Express Road
• car accident along Badagry Express Road
• car accident along Benin/Onitsha express road and unfortunately lost his life on the 27th day of september,1989 at Onitsha.
• Aircrash on board Egyptian Boeing 767 from America that crashed into  the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Massachusetts
• An Egyptian Air 1990 Plane Crash
• ADC plane crash on November2000
• Died from a plane crash on his way back from Kenya on 30th January 2000

Should you respond they will fax all the needed documents which will all seem real and bear the government's official seals and stamps.

Upon receipt of your banking info you will receive a letter from the bank which states that you need to hire a power of attorney whom they select.

Upon contacting him you are asked to send money; $1250 US$ is required when filing the "affidavit of claim" and $7,250.00 for the court registration fee through Western Union.