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Ten Arrested in Spain for E-mail Lottery Scam

02/08 - Computer users are being reminded of the danger of Internet scams following the arrest of ten people in Spain alleged to have defrauded victims via an e-mail lottery scam.

The ten people, all Nigerian nationals, are suspected of making more than 19,000 Euros ($28,000) in three months by demanding payments from innocent Internet users who believed they had won a lottery.

Police report that the e-mails sent by the suspects were sent from the Teatinos area of Malaga in Spain, by piggybacking on a neighbor's Wi-Fi Internet connection without permission. Seven arrests were made in Malaga, and three more in Huelva province.

"If an e-mail sounds too good to be true, it probably is. E-mails scams like this arrive in the inboxes of many every day of the week, all around the world - and clearly some people are falling for them," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. "It sounds like the authorities were able to shut down this scam quite quickly before too many people were affected - but there are plenty more cyber criminals looking for ways to steal people's identities and rob their bank accounts."

Experts note that Malaga is no stranger to Nigerian-run e-mail scams. In 2005, 310 people were arrested in Malaga in what was said to be the biggest ever bust of a lottery scam gang. The arrests followed an investigation by the FBI and Spanish police into a scam run by Nigerian gangs.

The police claim that the gang used an innocent party's Internet connection to send their bogus lottery e-mails, which underlines the importance of properly securing wireless access points at home.

"If you haven't properly secured your Wi-Fi connection at home you are effectively leaving the front door open for anybody close by to take advantage of it," continued Cluley. "Everyone running a wireless access point needs to learn how to stop unsavory characters from using it to spew out their spam messages, download illegal content, or steal information."

Lottery Scam Victim Needs Consoling instead of Getting Consolation Prize

10/08 - My name is . Alfred from Bangalore, INDIA . Present working in Kuwait since 10-12-2006 till date.

Sir, this is your kind information that, I got an E-mail on Friday, August 29, 2008 12:14:15PM from Yahoo & Windows Live of the United Kingdom(awarrdcenter\\ that I have won the Yahoo Consolation Prize of GBP:250000.00(Two Hundred And Fifty Thousands Pounds) & was given winning identification number: Batch Number: MFI/ 06/ APA- 43658

Reference NO: 2007234522 PIN : 1207.

And ask me to send all my details including Copy of Passport, Copy of Driving License & Copy of Identity Card through e-mail to Mr. Druv Martindale at E-mail: ucoordinator\\ , with Contact NO: 447024048150, 44702410728, 447024048152, 44702465607.

I forwarded all details to Mr.Druv Martindale. And ask me to send GBP: 350.00Pounds to Mr. George Williams through WESTERN MONEY TRANSFER. And I sent to the addressee on 05/09/2008. (MTCN: # 914-395-0421. After that Mr. Druv Martindale inform me that, he is waiting for the British Government approval from her majesty Office of Revenue & Customs (H.M.R.C) on 08/08/2008.

After that, Mr. Druv Martindale informed me the prize money is transferred to ALLIED TRUST BANK PLC LONDON & I received a mail from Mr. Brian Wallace (Head of Accounting Department) ALLIED TRUST BANK PLC LONDON, Headquarter ALLIED TRUST BANK,(Contact NO: 447024029807, 447035924201, 447035931060, +0019578263594) on Tuesday, September 9, 2008 12:47:59AM, that my online Bank account is opened & approved by H.M.R.C. with Bank A/C #:ATB648590102W & ask me to send GBP: 1,700.00Pounds to Mr. Frank Nwosu through WESTERN MONEY TRANSFER to activate the on line Bank A/c.

So, with great difficulty I manage to send the money to the addressee on11/09/2008(MTCN: 396-740-1507). And today I received one more mail from Mr. Edward J. Wisdom (Director Clearance Dept.) Tel: 447045744857, 447035931054. E- mail:clearnceunit\\, asks me to send GBP: 1200.00Pounds for the clean cheat to transfer the money & my on lineBank information is as folows: A/c.#:ATB648590102W , Security Pass ward Code:4711, Account User Name: Dntero, Code #: Altero843822658, Swift Code: ATB8822904675, Benificiary: Mr.Alfred D'sa. Web Site:, Now I am in deep trouble. I borrowed money from my friends. My Monthly salary is K.D.200.00 (Kuwait Dinar) only. & my family is in INDIA . I don’t have any source of income other than my salary.

So I request to you Sir, Can you please trace them?. which would help others to save themself from such fraud. Or please forward to the concern person for an inquiry. Sir, I attached my Passport details for your kind information , which was already forwarded to them also.

I hope you will do me the favor. Awaiting for your favourable reply at the earliest.

With thanks & Regards,


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