Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Forged Documentation from Nigerian Government Ministries Schemes used in African Advance Fee Fraud Scams

Ajokuta Steel Plant
Allied Consulting Group Inc (Lagos)
Buhari/Okadigbo Presidential Campaign Committee (PCC)
Cote D'Ivoire Development Community (CDDC)
Department of Transport and Aviation
Federal Ministry of Aviation (FMA)
Federal Ministry of Education - scam site
Federal Ministry of Health and Social Services
Federal Ministry of Justice - Probate Registry - Estates and Trusts Division - Probate Registrar
Federal Ministry of Science and Technology
Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria FAAN
Federal Secretariat Complex
Minister of Power & Steel Republic of Nigeria
Niger Delta Development Corporation (NDDC)
National Civil Service Commission (NCSC)
National Economic Planning Commission (NEPC)
National Electric Power Authority (NEPA)
National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS)
Nigerian Federal Bureau of Finance Audit Bureau
Nigerian Federal Contract Award Committee
Nigerian Federal Ministry of Petroleum
Nigerian Federal Ministry of Works and Housing
Nigerian Justice Department
Nigerian National Gold and Diamond Mining Corporation
Nigerian Petroleum and Development Implementation and Resources
Nigirian Ports Authority [NPA] / Nigerian Ports Authority
Nigerian Senate House Committee Government Notice
Nigeria World Soccer Fiesta
OMPADEC (Oil Mineral Producing Areas Development Commission)
OMPADEC ( Oil Minerals Producing Development Commission)
Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF).
RWA Agency relief funds
Security Minting & Printing Company
South Africa Diamond Safari Gold Co.
South African Anglo Gold Corporation
South African Mining Corporation
South African Ministry of Mining Resources
South African Information Exchange (SAIE)
South Africa Department of Mining & Natural Resources
South Africa Export Promotion Council (SEPC)
West African Allied Forces (ECOMOG)

Federal Republic of Nigeria, Federal Ministry of Finance
Federal Secretariat Garki Abuja
Foreign Operations Department, Remittance Department
Exchange Equalization Account
Central Bank of Nigeria
Foreign Exchanges Allocation Secretariat
International Clearing House, London
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Federal Ministry of Finance
Foreign Exchange Control Department
Foreign Exchange Approval, Exchange Control Approval Order
Dr. Adamu Kuye, Charles Okafor
Accountant General of the Federation

Federal Republic of Nigeria
Federal Board of Inland Revenue
Certificate of Registration Official Receipt
Three years tax clearance and income tax
Federal Ministry of Finance
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Falomo Office Complex, Ikoyi-Lagos Nigeria
Analysis of Fund Transfer of Fund Schedule
Classified Document
First Global Approach Ltd.
Office of the Paymaster General
Dr. Tanko Ahmed
Contract Fund Remittance Charge
Classified Document
Fund Release Order Form
Federal Ministry of Finance
Falomo Office Complex, Ikoyi-Lagos Nigeria
Federal Ministry of Finance
Debt Management Department Reconciliation Committee
Falomo Office Complex, Ikoyi-Lagos Nigeria
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
First Global Approach Ltd.
Swift Code: Bill Lull
Paymaster General of the Federation

Federal Inland Revenue Services
Revenue Collector's Receipt
Abuja, Nigeria
Corporate Affairs Commission
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Certificate of Incorporation
Companies and Allied Matters Act
Fees and Deed Stamps
Stamp Duty on Capital
U. F. Abdulahi, Registrar General

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