Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Collection of Various Aliases used by Nigerian Advance Fee Internet Fraud Scammers C Including Camara, Chambers, Chika, Chuks, Chukwu, Coker, Cole, Coleman, Collins, Creek

This listing is just one more collection point of close to 2000 Nigerian Advance Fee Scammer names which have been compiled. They are inevitably aliases ( with some exceptions ) but this page will act as an entry point for web searchers to the main section starting at Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud.

Please note that many names listed belong to upstanding, reputable, notable, dignitaries and other professionals who have had their names used, without their knowledge or consent, to perpetrate this fraud. Listing of any name does not suggest that the actual person has, or would, do anything illegal or fraudulent.

It is regrettable that their names are being used so, but by allowing searchers to find the aliases, further harm to other innocent victims can be prevented.

Visitors who have found this site through a successful search are asked to send in any additional name, not listed, that they receive in the future, so that others might also be warned.

Frederick Cervantes d/f Lucette Cece Dr. Frank Crane
Dr Nimi D. Cribbs Larry Casthewayo Sweat Ekele Celestine
Alhaji Cyril Dr. Emmanuel Cyril Koffi Cisse
Willy Cufor Paul James Crawford Sheilla Curtis
Ryan Craig Johannes Cruff  
Jean Calous Thomas Carter Edwin Carlley
Don Carrington Titi Cabila Chuddy Carly
Richard Cartwright Fernando Carlos d/f Marco Carlos
Mark Cameron d/f Fernando Caba Frank Carios
Antonio Casado Wesley Carrington Paul Carlos
Lucky Campbell Netty Calisto Lizzy Candy


Dr. Philip Camara John Camara Aliu Camara
Touray Akute Camara Helen Camara Dolly Camara
Col. Baguora Camara Ousmane Camara Ben Camarra
Edith Camara    
Dr. Kenneth Chases Dr. Robert Chy Obin Christopher
Paul Chagi Dr. Edu Charles Tunde Charles
Odobo Christopher Mark Chaplin d/f Kenneth Chiles
David Christanga Obisake Charles Eng. David Ching Chen d/f
Aba Chasad Philip Christopher Jr. Stephen Toloma Christopher
Thomas Charles Carlos Charmatin David Chang


Barr. Ijeh Chambers Alfred Ude Chambers Garry Chambers
Okwunudu Chambers Destiny Chambers  
Dr. Raymond A. Chigoziem Paul Uju Chikwura Dr. Okey Chinasa
Prince Mark Alloy Chi Dr. Hanson Chife Michael Chickwas
Dr. Vincent Chidozie Emmanuel Chijindu Fatima Chiroro
Kingsley Chiugo Dr. Collins Chinedu Dr. Steve Chinaka
Jenny Chidiebere Barr. Collins Chigozie Anaebo Chigbo
George A. Chimma Dr. Anmed Chisom Dr. Kema Chikwe
Tony Chime Kelechi Chidiebube Adamu Chiroma
Barnabas M. Chico Rev. D. Ben Chikezie Kamsi Chibueze
Nelson Chima Christopher Chidera Lambert Chinu


Ben Chidi Chuks Chidi Andrew Chidi
Sen. Adams Chidi    


Emmanuel Chika Powell Chika Dr. John Chika
N. Chuka Dr John Chuku Dr. Frank Chukwuma
Angela Church Engr. Ighore Churchill Michael Churchgate
Chu Kim Chung d/f Nat Chuka Mike Chucks
Barr. Okoye Church Ken George Chuma  


Kingsley Chuks Steve Chuks Dr. Charles Chuks
Mary Chuks    


Dr. Samuel Chukwu D.T. Chukwu Chief Emeka Chukwu
Benson A. Chuckwu Lucky Chukwu Dr. Rex Chukwu
Osita Chukwu Jude Chukwu Abell Chukwu
Dr. Carthyus Chukwu Kate Willy Chukwu Wilson M. Chukwuka
Evans Chukwudi Sir Cecil Chukwudeme Ijoma N. Chuckwu
Dr. Charles Chukwuka Josephine Chukwuma Denson Chukwuma
Benson Chukwuma Chinedu Chukwuma  
Effiong Clement Thomson Clark Patrick Clemens
Johnson Clark d/f Chuks Clement Barr. Hammar Clifford
John Clarke George Close Sann Clarke d/f
Dr. Eleke Clay Ruth Clifford Betty Claudia
Peter Clave Teresa Clement  
Major John Combo Williams Cook Jean Coulibaly
Jerry Connece Joe Collins Dr. Fredy Coles
Joshua Counte Johnson Coulibaly Trevor Continho
Daniel Condon Cisse Coudere Solomon Colman
Benjamin Conteh Nelson Coakley Peter Da Costa
Rio M. Cobos Peter Connely Foster Cooker
Barr. Francis Cotopa    


Engr. Andrew Coker Abraham Coker Dr Anthony Coker
Barrister Anthony Coker
Barr. Adewale Coker Dr. Babs Coker Conrad Coker
Kayode Coker Tony Coker Dr. Mohammed Coker
Brian Coker    


Barr. Kunle Cole Brian Cole d/f George Cole
Dr. / Prince Dele Cole Fawehinmi Cole Dr. Douglas Cole
Dr. Peter Cole Robert Cole Oladele Cole
Jo Van Cole Richard Cole Dr. Owen Cole
Yemi Cole Barry Cole Dobi Cole
Richardson Cole James Cole  


Theresa Coleman Roland Coleman Hassan Coleman
Habib Coleman Joy Coleman Mary Coleman
William Coleman Johnson Coleman Morgan Coleman
Solomon Coleman Benson Coleman Roseline Coleman
Chief Paul Coleman John Colemen Dr. Peter Coleman


Ojo Collins Peter Collins Jr. Frank Collins
Don Collins George Collins Fred Collins


Louis Creek d/f Helga Creek d/f John Creek d/f
Nelson Creek d/f    

Male: Chatha, Chatuluka, Chenzira, Chiamaka, Chibale, Chicha, Chidubem, Chiemeka, Chiganu, Chijioke, Chikezie, Chikozi, Chikwendu, Chimaga, Chinangwa, Chinouyazura, Chinyelu, Chuma,

Female: Camara, Charakupu, Chausiku, Chiamaka, Chijioke, Chika, Chiku, Chinasokuru, Chinwe, Chinyere, Chipo, Chizoba, Cinenye

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