Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

MOST WANTED BY THE LAW - Citizens United to Find Fugitives - Non profit geared to locating and extraditing fugitives so that they might face justice.

To see wanted posters of known felons who have fraud related offenses click on the link.

Notice of Reward ( condensed and paraphrased )

The United States Postal Service offers a reward up to the amounts shown for information and services leading to the arrest and conviction of any person for the following offenses:

MONEY LAUNDERING up to $10,000

Mailing or causing to be mailed any money which has been obtained illegally.


Theft or possession of stolen postal money orders or any Postal Service equipment used to imprint money orders; or altering, counterfeiting, forging, unlawful uttering, or passing of postal money orders.


Theft or attempted theft of any mail, or the contents thereof, or the theft of money or any other property of the United States under the custody and control of the United States Postal Service from any custodian, postal vehicle, railroad depot, airport, or other transfer point, post office or station or receptacle or depository established, approved, or designated by the Postmaster General for the receipt of mail; or destroying, obstructing, or retarding the passage of mail, or any carrier or conveyance carrying the mail.


The United States Postal Service also offers rewards as stated above for information and services leading to the arrest and conviction of any person: (1) for being an accessory to any of the above crimes; (2) for receiving or having unlawful possession of any mail, money or property secured through the above crimes; and (3) for conspiracy to commit any of the above crimes.


Some restrictions and conditions apply! Applications for rewards should be sought from the nearest Postal Inspector where full requirement documentation is available.

Other rewards not specifically referred to in this notice may be offered upon approval of the Chief Postal Inspector.

Phony Corporate Cheques Ring

Sunday Adekolu may be living in the capital area while on the lam from a Canada-wide warrant for fraud.

Adekolu, 49, is wanted by the OPP on charges of possession of instruments of forgery, dangerous driving and failing to appear in court. He is also wanted by Toronto police after he failed to appear in court for a preliminary hearing after being charged with 28 counts of fraud exceeding $5,000 and conspiracy to commit fraud.

Police allege that Adekolu was part of an organized group involved in the forging of business cheques in the Greater Toronto area. The group operated by opening fraudulent accounts using false identification and then depositing phony corporate cheques. Money was then withdrawn using an ATM.

Adekolu is described as 5-foot-8 and 170 lbs. He may be using the alias "George Alade" -- a name he was using when a search warrant was executed on a Brampton house in which he was living last year.

Anyone with information is asked to call Det.-Sgt. Dave Traux of the OPP at 705-329-6405 or Det.-Const. Doug Robinson of the Peel regional police at 905-453-3311, ext. 7335.

Texan Scammers - Pictures and Description of Scams from the San Antonio Scamnet

Straightshooters - U.S. Most Wanted - links to law enforcement

POSTAL SERVICE DECISION Docket No. FOR 00-304 11/28/00

It was concluded, despite denials, that these entities were engaged in conducting a scheme or device for obtaining money or property through the mail by means of false representations in violation of 39 U.S.C. §3005 false representation and lottery law.

2975 St-Charles, Suite 118
Kirkland, Quebec CANADA H9H 3B5

553 Grand Blvd.
Ile Perrot, Quebec J7V 4X4

447 Place Datura
Ile Perrot, Quebec CANADA J7V 7K4

Their promotional materials falsely represent, directly or indirectly, in substance and effect, whether by affirmative statements, implications or omissions, that IFS is an independent legally established non-profit entity; has an office physically located at the suite address listed in the caption; and works with the United States Postal Inspection Service and/or other police or law enforcement agencies to combat telemarketing fraud.

Brunton-Guerard asserts that IFS is now "defunct" and that he does not own Home Shopping Network (HSN). Although the actual ownership of HSN is not clearly established, the evidence does establish that it was operated at the same address and in conjunction with other entities whose activities were controlled by him and that its actions were inseparable from those entities.

He also denies having an ownership interest in Consumer Direct International even though the Complaint did not make any allegations regarding it.

Just Blowing Smoke

Sweetheart scam con artist posing as a tobacco litigation attorney, Joseph E. Johnson,  32 year old white male, born 6/19/69 from Goldsboro, NC., 6'4" approx 300 lbs, was arrested in Minneapolis, MN on 01/09/02

He posed as a tobacco litigation attorney for Phillip Morris, and a partner in the firm of Barnes, Braswell, Haithcock and "Johnson" - ( this firm does exist, sans Johnson in Goldsboro, NC - contact Glenn Barfield).

This man is extremely articulate, affable, but predatory and manipulative. He attracts many of his victims via the internet, females only, with e-mail addresses such as:  attorney4play, litigator4play, ncattorney, attorney4u2c, trialattorney  at AOL or Hotmail.

He has been traced from Key West, NC, Cherry Hill, NJ, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Corpus Christie, Houston, Playa del Carmen/Cancun Mexico, Dallas, Albuquerque, NM, and lastly Las Vegas in Oct. '01. He stays in Hyatt's & Marriott's, using credit cards stolen from others.

He is very engaging, gains the trust and confidence of females, then steals credit card, checks and has the trusting victims cash them for him against their accounts.  Network of his victims have conservatively estimated close to $100,000 in stolen checks and credit card fraud, not to mention the emotional havoc this predator has created.

George Alpizar, with the USPIS pursued and finally got a federal arrest warrant for Johnson's arrest. If victimized by this man contact 713-238-4473 daytime, 713-226-3600 emergency.

Friends No More

I am looking for Victor Lovatt, a slick, well dressed Englishman with an English wife. He came into an auto business I was working at. I hired him and we became friends ( I thought ).

After a year he persuaded me to open our own store, which we did. Although everything was in my name, ( he had nothing ), he stole all monies, cars etc., forged signatures took my Identity and then disappeared. I had to face the legal system for something I was not involved in.

I know people like him don't stop. They just move on. If anyone knows of him please let me know, I think he is in CA or FL.

Murray 08/06/02

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