Crimes of Persuasion:

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Collection of Various Aliases used by Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud Scammers V-Z Including Waziri, West, White, Williams, Yakubu, Yaradua, Yaya and Yusuf

This listing is just one more collection point of close to 2000 Nigerian Advance Fee Scammer names which have been compiled. They are inevitably aliases ( with some exceptions ) but this page will act as an entry point for web searchers to the main section starting at Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud.

Please note that many names listed belong to upstanding, reputable, notable, dignitaries and other professionals who have had their names used, without their knowledge or consent, to perpetrate this fraud. Listing of any name does not suggest that the actual person has, or would, do anything illegal or fraudulent.

It is regrettable that their names are being used so, but by allowing searchers to find the aliases, further harm to other innocent victims can be prevented.

Visitors who have found this site through a successful search are asked to send in any additional name, not listed, that they receive in the future, so that others might also be warned.

Ene Vincent Zipporah Vine Laura Wilma Vreenunberug
Rev. Dr. Uwas Ven Ramirez Vidaurre d/f Dr. Dirk Vulysteke d/f
Nenita Villaran Dr. Renah Vuyo Mark Vermeulen d/f
Maria Vene    


Opuga Victor Ubaka Victor  
Chima Victor Eng. Osagie Victor  
Leo Vandijk Lucia Van Dale Elizabeth Van Bosch
Hank Van De Kam Maria Van Dirk Andrew Vagen
Andrew Vangen
Hans Van Hoeven Mamabon Vandressi Jo Van Cole
Evelyn Van Borsch Cook Van Brook Van J. Speer
Pete Vander Donny Gloria Vanbrush Jerry Van Hall
Labaram E. Van Glendoven Vera Van Der Shan Mark Van Ericsson
Ann Van Gore Johan Van Erst  
    Phillip Wright
Dr. Joseph Wada Peter Waffi Dr. Ibrahim Wahid
Gen. Bibiola Waritimi Akpokinova Wakim Solomon Wauls
Elma Wase Mohammed Bin Waseem d/f Yves Wayo
Peter Waffi Dr. Joseph Wayas King Otumfuo Opoku Ware II
Sankoh Wahab Aloys Wakyebawa John Way
Bruce C. Warren d/f Dr. Tony Wantana Matt Wasche
Jessica Wadu Barr. Vincent Wabara Patricia Wayne
Barrister Olu Wahab Dr. Anderson Wangara  
Ola Wale Apariala Wale A.D. Walker
Madam Marina Wallas Pr. Will Wallas Alhaji Dauda Wali
Anthony Walker Mike Walter Rueben Walker
Tina Wales Kris Walker Brian Wallace
John Waters John Water Samba Watson
Dr. M. Watanabe Charles Watson Willy Watara
Bale Watara Betty Watt  


Dr. Abu Waziri Bakut Waziri Dr. Musa Waziri
Bradon Waziri Dr. Johanah Waziri Dr. Sadiq Waziri
Lucas Wetego James Wetego Nuimal Weeraseena
Henry Weta Steven Wertz Biko Wetego
Edith Welsley    


Richard West Barr. Graham West David West
Benard West Dr. Ehinon West Dr. Uzundu West
Dr. Benjamin West    


Dr. Phillip White Eng. Ogbogbo White Barr. John White
John White d/f
Gary White Johnson White  
Esther Wiwa Rista Wilba Gordon Wilcox
Moses Will Patience Wiwa Ben Wills
Prince Joseph Wiwa King Dimba Wiwa Betje Willem
Carla Willison Robert B. Willison  


Albert G. Williams Barr. Aki Williams Dr. Akin Williams
Barr. Abu Williams Ade Williams Adiola Williams
Afolabi Williams Ayodele Williams Barr. A. A. Williams
A. P. Williams August J. Williams Dr. Allain William
Bob Williams Dr. Barry Williams Dr. Banjo Williams
Cecil Williams Bright Williams Dr. Duncan Williams
Chijioke Williams Coleman Williams Charles Williams
Destiny William Dr. David Williams Dr. Daniel Williams
Dr. Ekwutosi William Eze Martins Williams Elizabeth Williams
Frank Williams
Frank William
Fakwe Williams Funsho Williams
Barr. Frederick Williams Fox Williams Gani Williams
Gidada Williams Dr. Godwin Williams George Williams
Barr. Henry Williams Harry Williams James Taboh Williams
Barr. James Williams Johnnie Lanore Williams Barr. Jerry Williams
Jane Williams Joe Williams John Williams
Kodjo Williams Prince Ken Williams Kanu Williams
Jude Williams Hans Williams Ladi Williams
Kenneth Williams Juliet Williams Alexandre Williams
Linda Williams Gracie Williams Lobi Williams
Kate Williams Jacob Williams  
Mark Williams Barr. Martin Williams Morgan Williams
Maria Williams
Maria Esther Williams
Morris Williams Odili Williams
Nosa Williams Ola Williams Rhodes Williams
Otuma Williams Barr. Wale Williams Paul Williams
Peter Ike Williams Rebecca Williams Maurice Williams
Smith U. Williams d/f Rita Williams Tunde Williams
Solomon Williams Dr. Uche J. Williams Barr. Uche Williams
Steven Williams d/f Dr. Richard Williams Mike Anthony Williams
Omotayo Williams Dr. Maxwell Williams Stanley Williams
Yemi Williams Dr. Tony Williams Rotimi Williams
Rotime Williams Barr. S. Williams Stober B. Williams
Vivian Omogbemi Williams Mercy William Sara William
Michael William Susan Williams Stella Williams
Rauf Williams Sean William  


Dr. Joe Wilson Michael Wilson Eden Andrew Wilson d/f
Dr. Iloka Willson
Dr. Iloka Wilson
Eng. Eden Andrew Wilson  
Vincent Wolfgang Henry Woma Eng. Johnson Wolfgang d/f


Stanley Woodwork Clark Wood Reinhard Wood
Helina Wood Gen. Michael Wood Gay Woods
Joel Xuma    
Nombeko Xhosa Gregory Yinka  
Dr. Wisdom Yayah Lynda Yamala Alhaji Yakuba
Danlami Yaro
Dan Yaro
Edward Yao William Yamala
Dr. Francis Yawo Dr. John Yasa Toshi Yamaguchi d/f
Godwin Yasa Alhaji Richard Yao Usman Yahaya
Dr. Isa Yakub John Yahaha  


Abass Yakubu Dr. Musa Yakubu Akem Yakubu
Alfred Yakuba    


Joyce Yaradua Pr. Ibrahim Yaradua Pr. Hassan Yaradua
Rakiya Yaradua Musa Yaradua  


Alhaji Mustapha Yaya Alhaji Yaya Dr. Musa Yaya
Tanko Yerima Zainab Yerima Alhaji Usman Yerima
Mark Yemego Dr. Okonkwo Yemego Egokamcho Yemya
Fred Yengeni Tony Yengeni  
Henry Young Eng. Yomi Young Chu Sol Young d/f
Ali Yusufu Chienchen Yu Dr. Shehu Yukashe
Eng. Tanko Yusufu    


Teslim Yusuf Barr. Prince Will Yusuf Usman Yusuf
Alli Yusuf David Yusuf Dr. Paul Yusuf
Buba Yusuf Alhaji Usman Yusuf Alhaji Ahmed Yusuf
Dr. Jonathan Ziwangi Michael Zola Dr. Lugard Zoro

Robert Zuel

Eng. William Zubairu Dr. Mark Zeb
Michael Zulu Cee Zik Vincent Zumula
Ismael Zulu Kwame Zwange Joseph Zwange
Muhammad Zubair    
Pastor Paul Zaza Dr. Charles Zamani Mabel Zanza
Dr. Aminu Ankar Zakari Aminu Zaki Kamran Zaida
Abu Zamani Edmund Zanfara Godswill Zabina


Tunde Zumma Williams Zuma David Zuma
Idris Zuma Dr. Patrick Zuma Joseph Zuma
Steven Zuma Simon Zuma  
Anderson Zuma Richard Zuma Anthony Zuma

Male: Wamakola, Watende, Wemusa, Yobachi, Zahur, Zesireo, Zuberi,

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