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Collection of Various Aliases used by Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud Scammers A Including Abacha, Abiola, Abu, Abubakar, Adams, Adama, Adamas, Adamu, Ademola, Afolabi, Agu, Ahmed, Akin, Akins, Akpan, Aku, Akume, Alabi, Alamin, Ali, Alli, Amadi, Ani, Asika, Attah, Audu, Awele, Ayodele, Ayoola, Azuka

This listing is just one more collection point of close to 2000 Nigerian Advance Fee Scammer names which have been compiled. They are inevitably aliases ( with some exceptions ) but this page will act as an entry point for web searchers to the main section starting at Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud.

Please note that many names listed belong to upstanding, reputable, notable, dignitaries and other professionals who have had their names used, without their knowledge or consent, to perpetrate this fraud. Listing of any name does not suggest that the actual person has, or would, do anything illegal or fraudulent.

It is regrettable that their names are being used so, but by allowing searchers to find the aliases, further harm to other innocent victims can be prevented.

Visitors who have found this site through a successful search are asked to send in any additional name, not listed, that they receive in the future, so that others might also be warned.

Prince Bernard Koffi Austine Bernard K. Austine Chief Inocent Koffi Austine
John Abah Benson Abraham Dr. Sule Abati
Ali Abase Garki Abuja Chief Edward Abass
Dr. Joseph Abraham Ali Abaca John Abassiza
Michael Abaji Julliet Abrams  


Barrister Mohammed Abacha
Mohammad Abacha
Ado Abacha Sadiq A. Abacha
Sadiq Abacha
Sadique Abacha
Sadique S. Abacha
General Sanni Abacha Abdul Abacha Mustapha Abacha
Alhaji Mohammed Sani Abacha
Alhaji Mohammed Abacha
Idris Sani Abacha Abdul Kadir Abacha Jr.
Abdulkadir Abacha
Usman Abacha Prince Aba Abacha Abba Abacha
Abbas Abacha
Ashastu Abacha Alhaji El Saleh Abacha Alhaji Idris Sani Abacha
Musa Sani Abacha
Sani Abacha
Numeri Abacha Ali Abacha
Abba Sani Abacha Mallam Issa Abacha
Mallam Ahmed Abacha
Dr. Momud Abacha
Musa Abacha Babagana Abacha Malik Ahmen Abacha
Malik Abacha
Kadiri Abacha Alhaji Usman B. Abacha Aniru Abacha
Ibrahim Abacha Umaru Abacha Alhaji Tanko Abacha
Zakari Ibrahim Abacha Segun Abacha Dr. Bernard Abach
Dr. Farouk Abacha Usman S. Abacha Hamed Abba Abacha


Mariam Abacha
Maryam Abacha
Hajia Mariam Abacha
Miriam Abacha
Marian Sani Abacha
Mariam Sanni Abacha
Merian Abacha
Hajia Maryam Abacha
Hadija Abacha
Hadjia Amina Abacha
Hajia Aminat Abacha
Amina Abacha
Munirat Abacha Jumai Afsatu Abacha
Jumai Afusat Abacha
Jumai Abacha
Zainab Abacha
Zabinb Abacha
Zinab Abacha
Amina Fatima Abacha
Fatima Abacha
Mrs. Aishat Abacha Stella Abacha
Aishatu Abacha Aisha Abacha Bimbola M. Abacha
Haribaa Achacha    
Paul Abbas Issa Abbas Yusuf Abba
Williams Abbaa David Abbey Jega Abbacha
George Abbey    
Hammed Abdulatif Dr. Mustapha Abdallah George Abdulah
Dr. Salma Abdu Ibrahim Abdullah Bar. Kijo Abdul
U. F. Abdulahi Kadijat Abdulsalami Mary Abdulsalami
Aminat Abdul Sayak Abdurrahman Samad Abdul
Dr. Idirs Abdully
Dr. Idris Abdully
Prince Mathin Abed Nana Abel Prince Abebe
Col. Kenneth Abelange Col. Bavinga Abelange Col. Frank Abe
Rita Abed King George Abed  
Dr. Jeff Abisogun Anthony Abirached James Abidi
Julius Abiam    


Dr. Jide Abiola Lekan Abiola Dr. Abiola Abiola
Sarah Abiola Akeem Abiola Dr. Zainas Abiola
Jumai Abiola    
Engr. Kingsley Aboki Koffi Nana Aboagye Dr. Joseph Aboh
Ahmad Aboukhazaal John O. Aboh
John O. Abo
Henry Aboki
Princess Grace Abonime    


Barrister Chris Abu Engr. Wazere Abu Murnia Abu-Jamal
John Abu Dr. Gani Abu Sheefi Abudul
Dr. Fred Abu Dr. Ishmael Abubaka  


Alhaji Abubakar Dr. Ibrahim Abubakar Dr. Musa Abubakar
Dr. Sani Abubakar Dr. Yerima Abubakar Sango E. Abubakar
Alhaji Suleiman Abubakar Songo H. Abubakar Abdul Salami Abubakar
Prince Ibrahim Abubakar General Abdul Salam Abubakar Akeem Abubakar
Dr. A. Abubakar Aishat Abubakar Bello Abubakar
Saleem Abdulsalami Abubakar Sule Abubakar Dr. Waziri Abubakar
Dr. Kareem Abubakar Titto Abubakar Mahmuood Abubakar
Dr. Goris Ache Dr. Henry Achebe  
Ola Achi / Ola Achii Stelle Achi  
Dr. Chris Adhere Prince Tunde O. Adisaraki Dr. George Adaba
Dr. Pepple Ada Mrs. Ann Addi Ahmed Adjo / Amed Adjo
Chief Lawrence Adu Dr. Tunde Olusola Adisaraki Iginawari Nweke Adisaraki
Paul Ado Koffi Adums Fatai Adanuga
Patrick Addo Dr. Malechi Adickson  


Dr. Frank Adam    
Patresia J. Adams Dr. Peter Adams Prince Bosco Adams
Engr. William Adams
William Adams d/f
Simon Adams Jnr. Wetego Adams
Dr. David Adams-Cole Dr. Koffi Adams
Dr. Kofi Adams
Dr Ajaye Adams
Idioma Mike Adams John Adams Okiro Adams
Ganiyu Adams Toni Adams Emmanuel Joe Adams
Dr. Chijoke Adams Barr. Michael Adams Dr. Aret Adams / Eng.
Engr. Bruno Adams Taiwo Adams Tunde Adams
Kodjo Adams Segun Adams Dikko Adams
Dr. Tony Adams Barr. Coulibaly Adams Dr. Sonny Adams
Dr. G. O. Adams Barr. Charles Adams Dr. Dele Adams
Clement Adams Philippe Adams Roseline Adams
Barr. Koffi Adams Jeff Adams Dr. Jones Adams
Comfort Adams
Comfort Faith Adams
Sikiratu Seki Adams Bishop Paul Adams
Vivian Adams Issa Adams  


Prince Souleyman Adama Goodluck Adamas Ali Adamu
Martinez Adama Martins Suleman Adamu Dr. Shehu Adamu
Richard Adamu Abel Adamu Bala Adamu
Waheed Adedokun Williams Adebayo Joy Adedeji
Abraham Adebanjo Andrew Adewole Dr. T. S. Adepipe
Dr. K. S. Adeyemi Alex Adenekan Dr. Kayode Adeyemi
Dr. Oboyo Adeola Tunde Adeola William Adebola
Barr. Kunle Ade Mike Adenuga Anthony D. Adewale
Chief Solomon Adebayo Roland Ade Tajudeen Adeosun
Dr. Ajinni Adebisi Dr. Michael Adebanjo Bola Adebiye


Barrister Johnson Ademola Engr. Stephen Ademola Dr. Benjamin Adesola
Dr. Rotimi Ademola Dr. Akin Adesola  
Manuel Antonio Africano Vincent Afie Edos Afen


Fred Afolabi Enitan Afolabi Kunlejida Afolabi
Gani Afolabi    
Tony Agbo Engr. Thomas Aghedo Stellamaris Agwasi
Akinola Aguda Sukor Agorh Barr. Mike Aguda
Dr. Victor Agwu Barr. Collins Agwu Dwight Agnor
Godwin Agbe Solomon Agbaje Gideon Agbo
Eng. Emeka Aganusi Eng. Thomas Aghedo Segun Agbaje
Prof. Olarenwaju Michael
Clement Agume Dr. Albert Agintoye
Austin Agali Nwosu Agwu Agawavi Agumba
Akim Agumba Tokunbo Agbonifo  


Julius Agu Festus Agu Peter Agu
Eng. Kogi Ahamed Dr. Hassan Ahmad  


Dr. John Ahmed Obi Ahmed Remi Ahmed
Senator Sani Ahmed Sule Ahmed Esc. Suleiman A. Ahmed
Dr. / Barrister Tijani Ahmed Usman Ahmed Sule Ahmed
Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Dr. Abu Ahmed Sanni Ahmeed
Sanni Ahmed
Isa Ahmed
Isah Ahmed
Wale Ahmed Dr. Hassan Ahmed
Kone Ahmed Abubakar Ahmed Bello A. Ahmed
Eng. Waziri Ahmed Barr. Alwali Ahmed Shehu Ahmed
Prince Kassin Ahmed Dr. Waziri Abubakar Ahmed Barr. Tanko Ahmed
Abdulrahman Ahmed Prof. Ben Ahmed Danladi Ahmed
Danlaid Ahmed
Dr. Maxwell Ahmed Rhoda Ahmed Dr. Atiku Ahmed
Dr. Musa N. Ahmed Kabra Ahmed Yemi Ahmed
Dr. Abdul Rahim Ahmed Hadjia Fatima Alhmed Sam Ahmed
Benson Ahmed Udodo Ahmed Barr. Gidado Ahmed
Dr. Idris Ahmed    
Henry Aigbe Kudirat Aisha Augustus Aikama
Chief J.K. Ajayi Engr. Kenneth Ajana Ochuwa Ajiake
Dr. Ochuwa Ajike Alabi Aji Chibo Ajoku
Paul Ajuma Dr. Timothy Ajala Prince Bello Olu Ajay
Fred Ajudua   Mike Ajegbo
Daniel Ajayi Dr. David Ajibola  
Julius Akorah Dr. Akwa Oseni Akeem
John Aknife Aseni Akeem Bello Aka
Demole Akosu Rapheal Akiga Dr. Jude Akambi
Charles Akpom Dr. Reginald Akon Richard Akande
Larry Aka Chief Olusegun Akanni Chief Franklin Akosa
Therisa Akovi Barr. Raymond Akande Noel Akeem
Barr. Johnson Akerele Michael Akwuobi George Akanbi
Richard Akwasi    
John Akiga Segun Akingbola Gideon Akinrgmi
Engr. Mike Akinleye Omotayo Julius Akinloye Ademola Akinsola
Akin Femiwah Akinsola Mark Akimu  


Joe Akin Barrister James Akin Dr. Paul Akin
Dr. Ola Akins Paul Akins Sen. Adams Akin
Dr. Yusuf Akin    
Barr. Yusuf Akpeh Chief Clement Akpamgbo Chief Davis C. Akpamgbo
Clement O. Akpakobo Princess Judith Akpaka Chief Chris Akpaka


Dr. David Akpan Barr. Mike Akpan Felix Akpan
Senator Frank Akpan    


Martins Aku Cecelia Aku Kingsley Akuoma
Kassim Aku Lawrence Akugbe Oliver Akubueze
Barr. Daniel Chime Aku Mark Aku Obi Aku
Hippolitus Akuba Okechukwu Aku Williams Aku
Roland Aku Johnson Akubeke  


Roy Akume Veronica Egobia Akume Hafsat Akume
Rashid Al-Haji Usman Bagudu Alhaji Waheed Mohammed Alhaji
Major Al-Mustapha Sam Aluku Gov. Mohammed Al-Shareef
Alhaji Imam Al-Faraj Victor Alphons Joseph Al-Madaaj
Joshua Aluciego Mark Aliman Gen. Bensons Aliyu
Mohamed Aliu Ibrahim Aliu Khalid Alhassan
Richard Allen Muhammed Allen Chris Alex
Torres Rodrigues Alvaro    
Musa Alaga Chris Alamu Kingsley Alaba
Dr. Chris Alaba Timi Alaibe  


Austin Alabi Chief Oluwa Alabi Ben Alabi
James Alabi    


Fatima Aisha Alamin Elizabeth Alamin Sheik Mohammed Alamin
Christiana Alamin    
Dr. Ugo C. Alex Dr. Paul Aleri Dr. James Alexander
Mike Alex    


Ibrahim Ali Dr. Idris Ali Mohammed Koloma Ali
Mallam Ali
Mallam Bello Ali
Dr. Umar Danjuma Ali Dr. George Ali
Haruna Hassan Ali Usmahis Ali Princess Fatima Ali
Maxi Musa Ali Barr. Mohammed Ali Elizabeth Qurban-Ali
Yusuf Ali Alex Kargbo Alie Barr. Musa Aliu
Dr. Sule Aliu    


Kaloma Alli Dr. Anthony Alli Dr. Omar Alli
Segun Alogbe Dr. Teco Aloma Dr. Martins Aloye
Benson Aloye Col. Victor Aloma  
Marcel Amechi Nzelu Amobi Edward Amedu
Dr. Kanzula Amo Dr. David Amzah Dr. Prince Amodu
Deacon Alabi Amend Barr. Cajethan Amos Barr. Nestly Ammed
Dr. Philip Amagada Frank Amaechi Dr. Philip Amagadada
Philip Amagah Ibusa Amaka Dr. Paul Ama
Ben Amaechi Cyprian Amala Dr. Franklyn Amada
Richard Amman Barrister Collins Ama  


Dr. Hector Amadi Dr. Henry Amadi Martins Amadi
Prince Dr. Williams Amadi Dr. Peter Amadi Rev. Samuel Amadi
Reverend Sam Amadi
Michael O. Amadi Barr. Frank Amadi Sir Williams Amadi
Ijeh Jude Amechi    
Mrs. Safiatu Amina Fona Amilo Sali Aminu
Alhaji Yussuf Amidu Jubril Aminu  
Uba Amuda James Amu Samson Amu
Alhaji Munirat Amuda    
Dr. Solomon Andrei Dr. Douglas Angulu Henry Antoine
Felix Obioma Anosike Prince Felix Anosike
Felix Ansoike
John Anthony
Johnson Anthony
Barr. Wilfred Ango Jude Anaebo Frank O. Anthony
Barr. Didier Angury Henry Annan
Henri Annan
Koffi Anan
A. Ansah Dr. Aminu Anka Charles Andasan d/f
Brameem Anu Eseimoku K. Anderson Dr. Evans Angan
Mike Ansa Felix Anderson Luis J. Antonio
Jansen Andermann Grace Anene Lennox Anderson
Kevin Anolue Bright Anenih Abdullah Rahman Andani
Mohammadou Andani Francisco Andaluz  


Mark Ani Princess Mary Ani Edwin Anikwem
Dr. Clement Ani Tony Anijr James Ani
Chief Anyim Pius Anyim Reginald Anyim Bernard Anyury
Polo Anyanwu    
Wale Apariala Jonas Appiah Clement Apkamgbo
Patricia Apete    
Patrick Armstrong Dr. Adewole Aremu E. Aremu
Xavier Arigoni d/f Bukky Armstrong Senator Ifeanyi Araraume
Juan Carlos Arana Richard Arnold Emma Musa Aristide
Saed Bin Asigby Perry Asemota Dr. Phillip Asiodu
Dr. Zak Ashafa Victor Ashiedu Bode Asabor
Temple Asobie    


Franklyn Asika Bob Asika Dr. Abel Asika
Dr. Ralph Asika    
Alhaji Abubarka Atiku Emmanuel Atuokwu Rapheal Atli
Dr. Richard Atuma Tony Atto Dr. Andrew Atiku
Dr. Aminu Atiku (malarabe) Ahmed A. Atubi Ahmed Atika
Idris Atta Paul Atike Barrister Simon Atsu


Dr. Raymond Attah Dr. Fela Attah Richard Attah
Barr. Kenneth Attah    


Robson Audu Usman Audu John Audu
Johnathan Audu
Henry K. Awori Mohamad Faid Awang Prince Lucky Awolowo
Grace Awolowo Barr. Patrick Awumi Robinson Awudu
Dr. Anayo Awka Benard Awa / Bernard Awa Jefferson Awiloba


Harriman Awele Dr. Okolie Awele Dr. Akolie Awele
Eng. Jim Awele    
Donald Ayew Abraham Ayagi Dr. Amos Ayuba
Tanko Ayuba Raphael Ayanda Patrick Ayafa
Stephen Ayore Paul Ayim Olu Ayome
Ruth Ayoka Dr. William Ayoka  


Nelson Ayodele Ahmmed Ayodele
Ahmed Ayodele
Timothy Ayodele


George Ayoola Tampane Ayoola Solomon Ayoola
Mark Azih Dr. Waziri Azizi Peter Azuh
Abdul Azike Emmanuel Azodo Ahmad Sadiq Azziz
Izaza Azos Ishmail Azeez George Azenre
Patrick Aziza Desire Aziz Idris Azoro
Dr. Solomon B. Azeez Gaudens Azilinon Brice Azilinon
Felix Azu Henry Ken Aziakou
Henry Aziakou
Dr. Dickson Aziza
Jean Gerald Azor Jude Azulu  
John Azu Zainab Aziz Abbas Aziz


Henry A. Azuka David Azuka Paul Azuka
Eng. Alex Azuka    
*did up to Inher

More names listed in other sites.

Nigerian scammer names.

Male: Abanobi, Abaronye, Abasi, Abeeku, Abegunde, Abena, Abi, Abiade, Abimbola, Abiodun, Abiola, Abioye, Abosi, Abu, Abubakar, Abyomi, Acholam, Achufusi, Adama, Addae, Ade, Adebayo, Adelaja, Adika, Adisa, Adjua, Afi, Afiba, Agu, Ahmadou, Ahonya, Ahoto, Ahurole, Aiyetoro, Ajala, Ajayi, Ajene, Ajuluchukwu, Akabueze, Akamafula, Akinlabi, Akinwunmi, Akna, Ako, Akobundu, Akua, Akwete, Alaba, Ama, Amadi, Amaechi, Amanambu, Amatefe, Amazu, Ambakisye, Ambe, Aminata, Amma, Ampah, AnapaAnika, Ankoma, Ano, Anyanwu, Asa, Ashaki, Assitou, Ata, Atakpa, Atiba, Atsu, Atu, Atuegbu, Ayo, Azagba, Azenia , Azikiwe, Azubuike

Female: Aba, Abebi, Abebja, Abeje, Abena, Abeo, Abia, Abimbola, Ada, Adaego, Adaeke, Adaeze, Adande, Adanma, Adanna, Adanne, Adaoha, Adebomi, Adedagbo, Adedewe, Adedoja, Adeleke, Adeola, Adiagha, Adjua, Aduke, Adwin, Adzo, Afafa, Afam, Afi, Afryea, Agbeko, Agodichinma, Ahuzuomoke, Aidoo, Aisha, Aiyetoro, Akanika, Akenke, Akili, Akuabia, Akuako, Akwate, Alaba, Aladinma, Alaezi, Alili, Aluma, Amadi, Amanchechi, Amaogechukwu, Amauzo, Ambe, Amevi, Amonke, Anan, Anuli, Arusi, Asabi, Asesimba, Asha, Asong, Atsufi, Ayah, Ayo, Ayobami, Ayobunmi, Ayodele, Ayofemi, Ayoluwa, Ayoola, Azuka


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