Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Are McKenzie King and Dunhill Capital spin offs of Smith Fairchild.

McKenzie King and Dunhill Capital do indeed appear to be spin offs of Smith Fairchild. Their websites were based on the old Smith Fairchild site. The location pages on these web sites still contain references to in the source code.

I know the feeling Gangerrolf. Yesterday I was contacted by Dunhill Capital pushing International Biometrics, Premier Placements pushing Beijing Developments, and Jacob Stern pushing Cardio Biomedical.

Almost snared by John Hancock of Dunhill Capital for 10,000 @$1.25 each. Found your message board last night and followed thread from start. Interesting reading!!

Bank to pay,

Bank of America
4101 MacArthur Blvd,
Newport Beach,
California 92660.
Swift Code BOFAUS 3N.

Beneficiary International Biometrics Inc.
Routing No 121-000-358
Account No 11016-14592

Supposed to fax copy of transfer to 001 775 320 7202

Was told restriction on sale lifted and could be sold on day of flotation. Also told could be sold now on grey market @ $2.50 ea.

Keep up the good work. Phew!! that was close.