Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Smith Fairchild Boiler Room Scam involving Sun Biometrics linked to Gary Lloyd, David L Shade, International Biometrics, System Pros International, Dunhill Capital, McKenzie King, Autobug, Prime Pacific Holdings, Prime Pacific Holdings, Pierce Watters & Associates, Chamberlin Management, Morgan Young, Kline Management, Livingston Asset Management.

George Erb Staff Writer 07/21/03

Several months ago phones in England and Ireland began ringing with stories of a promising Seattle company called Sun Biometrics, touted by securities salesmen as an up-and-coming firm that makes identification technology for security systems.

Some investors spent $10,000 or $20,000 apiece buying Sun Biometrics securities, only belatedly reaching a gut-wrenching conclusion: Sun Biometrics was a fake.

Sun Biometrics now appears to have been a virtual company that existed on the Internet and almost nowhere else, its creation and fund raising managed by unknown figures working by e-mail and other anonymous means from such places as Thailand, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and Australia, according to investigators, investors and various documents.

According to state investigators, investors and others, the creators of Sun Biometrics:

blue bullet point Used the Internet to create the trappings of a Seattle company with enough apparent legitimacy to persuade investors half a world away to part with their money.
blue bullet point Pirated Web sites of other organizations and changed them, inserting references that increased Sun Biometrics' credibility.
blue bullet point Fleshed out the biographies of company executives with job histories that belonged to other people.
blue bullet point Avoided face-to-face contact, doing business by telephone and by e-mail, and chatting up investors before telling them to wire money to Taiwan.

Sun Biometrics' "corporate headquarters" still consists of a voice-mail box with a receptionist service rented from a work-space provider in Seattle's prominent and stylish Two Union Square building.

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No luck tracking a Barry Clean or Sue Miller yet.

Sun Biometrics creators apparently manufactured histories for the company's top executives by lifting publicly available biographical information belonging to executives at Evive Corp., a legitimate security company based in Bethesda, Maryland, an Internet search found.

To create some instant credibility for Sun Biometrics, those behind the company copied the Web site of the International Biometric Industry Association, a legitimate trade association based in Washington, D.C.

The European investors say they were called by people who identified themselves as securities salesmen for an investment firm called Smith Fairchild Co. Ltd., and the firm's Web site and securities order forms say it is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Smith Fairchild's Web site, , lists a "research office" in Washington, D.C., though the city's phone directories contain no such listing. Two of their stock salesmen identified themselves as James Morgan and Marcus Robinson.

The Financial Services Authority has since transferred the case to police investigators in Suffolk.


Sun Biometrics Inc. Prepares for public offering.

Seattle, Washington. July 1st, 2002 - Sun Biometrics announced today it has signed agreements with European Venture Capital Company Smith Fairchild to raise $60,000,000 for the company.

The World Trade Centre
Leutschenbachstrasse 95
Zurich 8050 Switzerland
Phone: 41 1 308 3910,
41 1 308 3500
Hong Kong Asia Pacific Office
18th & 19th Floor One International Finance Centre 1 Harbour View Street, Central Hong Kong, China
Taiwan Offshore Tax Consultancy. Tun Hwa House 124 Chung Cheng Rd, Shinlin District, Taipei, Taiwan  

Smith Fairchild are the sole venture capital partner for Sun Biometrics, any enquiry by any 3rd party should be reported to the Venture Capital Company Smith Fairchild on the Zurich contact or by Email to [email protected] for verification!

Michael Steine, CEO of Sun Biometrics said, " We are delighted to be able to announce that our plans to move the company forward are so far on schedule. This funding arrangement will make it possible for us to prepare for our IPO as soon as market conditions permit as well as to prepare for the introduction of several new products over the next 24 months." 

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Good afternoon,

International Biometrics is a strategic sales partner of Sense Holdings, Inc. System Pros is not. I have worked with David Shade for a variety of sales opportunities and are currently quoting some customers for biometric solutions with them. I have no dealings with Gary Lloyd and do not recognize System pros as a strategic partner of Sense. I don't know why he mentioned me. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I do help Mr. Shade with advice regarding biometric technology but have no dealings in the operation of his business.

Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

-----Original Message-----
From: Dore Perler [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 03 September 2003 22:24

Subject: RE: Boiler Rooms/ Phoney Reg S shares, Internet and Investment Scams - etc

No, there is no relationship with System pros or Gary Lloyd and Sense. I really think you need to speak with David Shade. I am not sure of the relationship between IB and System Pros. And personally I don't really want to know. I have taken a role to help Mr. Shade make informed decisions about biometrics and sales opportunities. I have not been involved with any fund raising activities with either company and don't know enough to even discuss it. don't know the strike price or the venue they used to get funded. I can help you with the technology aspect, but I will not get involved in a shoving match between these companies. I would like to help but I will not be put or put myself in harm's way. I am an advisor with no compensation or ownership in either IB or System Pros.


Dore Scott Perler
CEO / President
4503 N.W. 103rd Ave, Suite 200
Sunrise, FL 33351
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Forum Thread 09/05/03: These companies are known to be committing international fraud. They have stolen millions from innocent people. There are many more names that these crooks operate under.

Smith Fairchild the company has now been abandoned because of the attention that it received from the press, authorities and forums. This made it impossible for them to make any further sales under the Smith Fairchild name. However, they have simply created some new companies, renting office space from Regus and Global Workspace in order to get valid addresses and phone numbers.

They continue to cold call people from remote locations which are pretty much untraceable. They are currently offering shares in International Biometrics, Beijing Developments and other worthless companies.

Much has already been published about Smith Fairchild in the press and on other forums, in particular about the Sun Biometrics scam. This involved the creation of a totally fictitious company that only ever existed as a website. They pretended that the company was a subsidiary of Sun Microsystems!

They cloned venture capital sites and added favourable comments about themselves to give credibility to their activities. In many ways they are quite clever, using the loopholes in the system to commit these heinous crimes.

McKenzie King and Dunhill Capital are spin offs of Smith Fairchild. Their websites were based on the old Smith Fairchild site. The location pages on these web sites still contain references to in the source code.

Once they have conned victims for as much as they can get out of them, they move on to the next stage of the scam. This involves other companies (which they also set up) cold calling and offering to sell the victims shares for a huge profit.

A bond is required before they will sell the shares which involves the victims having to pay even more money. Richard Watson Associates is just one example which has been calling people offering to sell the 'virtual' Sun Biometrics shares.

These crooks have no morals and harass people in to parting with their cash. They are scum. Publicity and exposure is the best way to hit back at these people if you want to get your own back.

I know the feeling Gangerrolf. Yesterday I was contacted by Dunhill Capital pushing International Biometrics, Premier Placements pushing Beijing Developments, and Jacob Stern pushing Cardio Biomedical.

It's always the same sales pitch - red hot company intends listing on NASDAQ @ $1.50 which will immediately rise to $4.50 - $5.00, then in 12 months will probably hit $10+.

Premier said that Beijing Developments will definitely be listing in October. I told them in that case to ring back in November and show me that the share price has reached $4.50 and I will believe that this isn't a scam. 09/05/03

People like Gary Lloyd (who seems to have vanished...), Dave L Shade, International Biometrics, Systems Pros International, Dunhill Capital, McKenzie King, Smith Fairchild supported by people like Dore Perler, Sense Holdings etc are a scam and ruining our relationships. I hear Dave Shade is now selling a UK product ( name removed upon request ) as Autobug in the USA.

1. I have been scammed by a company called Prime Pacific Holdings about 1 year ago for the sum of $12000 USD has anyone else heard of them. There is one mention of them on this website.

2. I was called from Kline Management and Morgan Young was almost going to buy the shares in International Biometric. But I thought that my money was better off in Oil at the time so I gave more money to Prime Pacific.

3. I had all but given up on ever seeing my money again until today when I had a call from someone claiming to be calling on behalf of Colonial Tax Consultants from Manhattan they gave me a New York fax number. I am supposed to send all my details of the trade I had with Prime Pacific holdings. They are suggesting that they will be able to use my loss to save tax for big corporations. This must mean that my oil stock was actually purchased or this is another scam.

Prime Pacific holdings have also pushed Global Food Technologies, the next big scandal that will be making news soon. GFT has been sold by..

Prime Pacific Holdings
Pierce Watters & Associates
Chamberlain Management
Morgan Young
Kline Management
McKenzie King
Dunhill Capital

Smith Fairchild, Dunhill Capital, McKenzie King, Livingstone Asset Management etc are all versions of the same thing - an integrated, interconnected skimming operation whose sole aim is to rip off individuals and would be investors by conning them into buying worthless shares such as those in Systems Pros International.

(anyone tried their website doesn't work check this out :_ Status of System Pros website -

Registrar: TUCOWS, INC.
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Referral URL:

Updated Date: 30-nov-2002
Creation Date: 08-nov-2002
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In a nutshell - suspended by owner).

David Shade and International Biometrics, his cronies in Sense Holdings, Spy Research and Homeland Security are all birds of a feather.

When you phone any companies offices (including System Pros, Int Biometrics etc) ask the person who answers if they are a service provided by Regus or similar --- bet the answer is yes.

They probably cannot connect you either ....they only take messages or put you through to a voicemail which is then forwarded to the "directors" who will choose what and who to answer. They also share SWOT's (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats ) with other parts of the scam.

Don't forget - Gary Lloyd is Vice President of International Biometrics, which is headed by Dave Shade (behind the scenes Gloria Shade and the shadows...) and don't forget they are in cahoots with Dore Perler of Sense Holdings (who has never heard of Gary V Lloyd) - so just to refresh your memories from page 4 of this forum topic -

To quote Gary V Lloyd -

"As in all shareholder meetings, we require a certain quota of attendance. Keep in mind we must move several directors, demonstration equipment and AV gear for our presentations. This cost our company, and ultimately our shareholders money. We have been advise as of late, that our tentative meeting date happens to be during the prime holiday season for Europe. We are presently evaluating the best time to hold our next meeting date. The final decision rests with our CEO, Mr. David Shade. If you are a shareholder, then we will inform you via formal post as to the exact time and place for the next meeting. We feel the date will be better suited for late August. Once again, if you are a shareholder in International Biometrics, we will certainly notify you in advance."

Gary V. Lloyd
Executive Vice President,
International Biometrics, Inc.

Now you believe what you want to but when you use the name David Shade, Gary Lloyd, Dore Perler include International Biometrics, System Pros International, Sense Holdings, Spy Research, Greywolf Consulting and Scams Deluxe.

They will provide you with a list of websites (that they have set up themselves, many of which have been cloned from genuine sites) which always report only positive things about the companies that they are pushing. You will always be hard pushed to find any independent information about the offer eg. press reports. You only ever have their word to go on.

If you decide to invest in foreign companies through foreign brokers then you have absolutely NO protection if it turns out to be a scam. That is why these crooks get away with it and avoid detection. They always manage to keep one step ahead of the authorities.

Any crime committed across international boundaries is notoriously difficult to solve. The boiler rooms only stay active long enough to scam a few million out of innocent victims and then shut up shop and move on, opening up new offices under different names in different locations.The pattern is always the same though, cold calling, rented offices space (Regus, Global Workspace), never given direct contact numbers (you always have to call and leave a message and someone calls back), promises of huge returns.They may also try and categorise you as a certain type of investor. I was frequently told that I was an 'A' class investor (small time) but that they liked me and wanted to help me out and move me on to the next class where I would be given better offers with higher returns, but only if I invested more.They have no scruples and will try anything to coerce you into parting with your money. They also like to get personal and 'matey' with you. Whenever you speak to them they will take notes about your conversations. The next time that you have contact with them they will use this information to give you the impression that they are genuinely your friend, concerned about your welfare and only have your best interest at heart.

Any unsolicted cold calls relating to investments should be treated with utter contempt.

I was taken for around $7500.00 by a firm called Smith Fairchild over an investment in Sun Biometrics.

I am particularly interested in any links anyone has with this now defunct firm. Currently I have linked them with the following "broker" firms:-

Cambridge Global
Livingstone Asset Management
Amherst International - Mr. Rick Frank at
Dunhill Capital
Hamilton Asset Management

and possibly others.

Any other links, especially companies currently cold calling such as Amherst International ( would be greatly appreciated.

- The Green Manalishi 7/16/03

David L Shade / Gary V Lloyd and the Smith Fairchild Group have allegedly scammed many UK investors and also sold them worthless shares in Systems Pros International / International Biometrics or shares in Sun Biometrics which didn't exist either.

Most victims have been initially called as a result of being a director of a company listed in Dunn & Bradstreet.

The detective at the Suffolk Police who is handling the investigation on behalf of the Serious Fraud Office, has acquired a very impressive amount of intelligence regarding these scammers.

Send him your Full name, Address, Postcode, Name of your local Police Force, Your email address, contact telephone numbers including and identifying the telephone number you were contacted on. The amount you invested in Dollars. The bank account you transferred the money to, the name of the Companies you "invested" in and the name of the persons you dealt with.

[Up] [Sukumo Group] [Dunhill Capital] [Stuartt Reed Kammer]