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Comments John Robert Powers in the News

"If you look at the JRP Web site you will see a number of success stories listed. We confirmed some ar[e] true, but we also discovered some of their biggest claims were not. The Web site suggests big names like Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda and even ABC's Barbara Walters all went to JRP schools. When we checked--here is what we found--Business managers for both Jane Fonda and the late Henry Fonda and Barbara Walters say the stars have had nothing to do with any John Robert Powers schools. They have not given JRP permission to use their name or likeness." "Warning Bright Lights, Big Bucks," Eyewitness News, ABC-7 KABC-TV Los Angeles, Nov. 17, 2003.

The main John Robert Powers website did indeed list many celebrities or famous faces as "John Robert Powers Success Stories," including Janice Dickinson, a "John Robert Powers Academy Graduate." ( [July 24, 2004])

At the end of the web page, they had a screen capture of a page from the book Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women by Michael Gross. They said to read the book: "Read more about the history of John Robert Powers."

Okay. So you read the book, and there's a story about Janice Dickinson whom they credited as a success story because she was a "John Robert Powers Academy Graduate."

What do you find? It turns out Janice Dickinson did indeed attend a John Robert Powers school, but it had nothing to do with her success. What happened?

She attended a John Robert Powers school, but did not get work as a model. She attended a John Robert Powers convention, but did not get work as a model. So what did she do? How did she become a model and then a supermodel?

She did what another supermodel, Cindy Crawford, advises. Dickinson said: "I picked up the phone book and found out who the agencies were" (p. 290).

Born to Byelorussian parents in Brooklyn in 1955, Janice Dickinson moved to Hollywood, Florida, as an infant. In the early seventies she enrolled in a John Robert Powers school "to learn how to put on makeup," she says.
Her little sister, Debbie, who became a model, says Janice always wanted to model. Because of her dark skin and exotic looks, their father called her Nile Princess.
In 1972 the Powers school brought Janice to a modeling convention in New York. At these biannual gatherings, which still take place, charm and model school students compete for trophies and the attentions of agents who use the cattle calls as one-stop mannequin-shopping marts.
"The babes walk up and down the runway, and whoever wins, wins," Dickinson says. "I won, I knew how to work it." The judges who agreed included such fashion experts as hairdresser turned disco star Monte Rock III, crooner Tom Jones, and Telly "Kojak" Savalas.
"I just wanted to go to New York for the weekend," Dickinson says. "I skipped some of the boring lectures and sneaked out to go to the ballet and to the Metropolitan Museum of Art."
After graduating from high school, Dickinson returned to New York with a boyfriend who played piano in B.B. King's band. Only then, she says, did she decide to model.
"I picked up the phone book and found out who the agencies were."
But she hadn't made it to any of them yet when she met Sue Charney, a booker from the Fords, on a Second Avenue bus.
"I got this woman, Sue Charney's card," Dickinson continues. "I'm smart, I followed the card to Ford, East Fifty-ninth Street, knocked on the door, and showed my portfolio. I had seven bad pictures in it. Eileen Ford, from across the room, said, 'No. Get that girl outta here. She'll never make it.' "
Charney says, "Eileen looked at her through the door and said, 'Sue Charney, you're blind. Look at that mouth. She'll never work.' "
Dispirited, Dickinson took off for Las Vegas, where she worked as a cigarette girl and married her boyfriend before returning, "more secure," to New York six months later.
Eileen Ford was in Europe, so Charney put Dickinson on the test board.
"Get rid of her," Ford snapped upon her return. "I don't want her."
French photographers Jacques Malignon and Patrice Casanova both were at Wilhelmina the day she washed up there. "Patrice and I saw she was wild, exuberant, explosive," Malignon says. "A photographer knows the moment he takes a picture. But she was too ethnic for New York. I remember we called two or three agencies in Paris and said we had this big potential model."
They didn't pull their punches with Dickinson. "They were nice guys," she says. "They told me I definitely had it, but I was going to have problems in New York because people in New York in those days couldn't identify with my exotic, big lips, small eyes, I don't know what you call it, my Lolita sexy, sexy look."
For a while she stayed in New York, doing the rounds of go-sees. "I was trying to get in the front door," she reports. "Wilhelmina said, 'Oh, darling'--smoking two packs of Marlboros at once--'you really have it. You just have to hang in there.' I had about twelve bad photographs. Then I met Lorraine Bracco and Jacques Silberstein in Wilhelmina's office, and they took one look at a Casanova photograph, and Bracco said, 'That's the one. She gets the ticket.' That's how it happened. I owe it all to Lorraine."
[Michael Gross, Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women, pp. 280-291]

John Robert Powers may credit a celebrity as a success story, but does the celebrity credit John Robert Powers as the source of their success?

Janice Dickinson did not credit John Robert Powers. She identified to whom she owed her start: "I owe it all to Lorraine" (p. 291). Who was Lorraine? Someone at John Robert Powers? No. Lorraine Bracco at Wilhelmina, the modeling agency.

Founder of John Robert Powers Schools

John Robert Powers is credited as the founder of John Robert Powers Schools. The main John Robert Powers website said:

JOHN ROBERT POWERS founded the modern day billion dollar modeling, talent, and corporate training industry. From his many writings and published books Mr. Powers created the curriculum that is the core of the personality development, modeling and other course offered at the worldwide network of John Robert Powers Schools. [July 25, 2004]

But the book they recommend to learn the history of John Robert Powers said it was his wife, Alice Powers, who started the first course.

Powers never reacted publicly to the new threat from Conover. "He was very phlegmatic," says Fertig. "It was, 'Hey, Harry, good luck.' We'd go out and drink after work. If you're making money, you don't care. Later on a sour note invaded the relationship when Powers models started going to Conover." In private "John simply wouldn't talk about Harry Conover," says his son-in-law, Charles Rainey.
Modeling's pioneer was starting to lose his grip. He'd spread himself too thin. His wife, Alice, had begun teaching charm courses at the first in what eventually grew into a nationwide chain of John Robert Powers Schools. She charged $200 for a ten-week course covering such matters as grooming, diction, and coiffure.
[Michael Gross, Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women, p. 59]

John Robert Powers today also offers a ten-week course, also for such matters as appearance and diction, yet the price has skyrocketed from $200 to $2,000. [July 25, 2004]

Powers was the first to realize that charm schools associated with modeling schools could make money from the hopes of many young women who would never be models but wanted to be.
"John knew you couldn't teach it," says Rainey. "You were a model or you weren't." But the power of the Powers Girl was not to be denied. "Girls from all over the country want fashion advice and all that bullshit," says Bob Furtig. "The idea was you couldn't register everyone [who arrived on the agency's doorstep] because the working models felt threatened." So you signed them up for a course. "To make money," says Fertig flatly.
[Michael Gross, Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women, pp. 59-60]

All this raises some very serious questions. Today, as John Robert Powers did in the beginning, are aspiring models accepted into John Robert Powers schools because they have potential to become models, or because they don't? Are the schools a way for models to make money or only for John Robert Powers to make money?

Further, based on the history of the courses and the current curriculum, would it be better to call them Alice Powers Charm Schools instead of John Robert Powers Modeling Schools?

Powers kept on selling his name until the very end. He launched a line of Powers cosmetics (including John Robert Powers Privilege, a $5 poultice "bursting with super oils, moisturizers, soothing agents and beauty vitamins"), opened an accessory products company, and briefly sold clothes labeled "John Robert Powers Model." But his days in the actual model business were just about over.
After franchising his schools and selling the rest of his company off in bits and pieces, Powers simply dropped out of the agency business, shutting his doors and moving to Beverly Hills in 1952.
In a promotional film from the 1950s a nameless narrator tells how Powers "transcended flesh peddling to become an educator" and stressed most of his students "want no part of modeling."
At first Powers refused to sell the right to open model agencies bearing his name, but multimillionaire Richard Robie finally bought that, too, in 1974. Today the Powers name is on schools and agencies in many different countries.
[Michael Gross, Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women, pp. 60-61]

From the early stories about John Robert Powers, it is very clear he milked his name for all its worth. It is equally clear the people representing John Robert Powers today milk his name for all its worth. It has to be noted, however, John Robert Powers today is not John Robert Powers of yesterday. First and foremost, John Robert Powers himself is not running the company, and neither are any of the people he trained or even his family. It was bought by another person who evidently had no background in the modeling industry. Multimillionaire Richard Robie saw a way to make money.

This is a completely different situation in comparison to Ford Models, another of the early modeling agencies (founded in 1946). Ford Models is no longer run by industry pioneers, Gerald and Eileen Ford, but their children, Katie and Bill, run it, and, most significantly, they worked for the company before their parents retired, and they were evidently groomed for leading it. Additionally, Ford Models is not franchised; therefore there is much more control over the name, the brand, and the business practices.

John Robert Powers, on the other hand, was sold and franchised, and it has changed hands after Richard Robie bought it. Richard C. Upton is now the President of John Robert Powers International. Today there are all kinds of people representing themselves as John Robert Powers. Now a John Robert Powers school or franchise, however, is only as good as its teachers and leaders. Therefore their background and talent should be researched at least as carefully as the background of John Robert Powers himself (he died in 1977).

One of the best ways to evaluate a John Robert Powers school is to attend a class. Ask to do this. Then you will discover if it is what you want and at a level worth the price.

See also:

John Robert Powers is advertising on local radio stations stating they are interviewing children for a show using the name Mary Tyler Moore. The franchisor of John Robert Powers has used the following names in their advertising: Barbara Walters, Betty Ford, Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda, John Wayne and Heather Locklear. According to these celebrities or their representatives, none attended a Powers school and none gave permission to use their name or likeness. The local Bureau is in the process of contacting the company and Mary Tyler Moore to determine if there is a relationship and if Powers has permission to use her name.
Linda Carmody, "BBB Hot Topics for January," BBB of Central Indiana, Jan. 12, 2004. [July 26, 2004]

See also John Robert Powers in the News

Manager of John Robert Powers Indonesia, Rita Tjahono

Local youth aspires to be ‘Almost Famous’ with Web contest win

(MO)— A Sikeston boy wants to make the cover of a magazine, and he needs your help to make his dream come true.

Cole Burnett, 11, is the son of Andrea Burnett and grandson of Rick and Ramona Burnett of Sikeston. In what his grandmother called his first “big break,” Cole auditioned for and was placed in a competition to be on the cover of “Almost Famous,” a trade magazine for the entertainment industry.

“It’s awesome,” said Cole. Ramona Burnett said he’s been saying that since he learned the news.

Cole is one of 51 contestants vying to win in the St. Louis competition. There are eight other regional votes; and the winners from each will be placed in a competition for the final winner, who will appear on the magazine’s January cover.

Anyone can register to vote on the magazine’s Web site, to select the winner. One vote can be submitted daily...

“They have pretty much told us that getting in this magazine isn’t a 100 percent guarantee that he will get a job, but there is a big chance that he will,” Burnett said.

“All of the kids will be featured in the magazine, but there will only be one on the cover,” said Nancy Barrett, president of John Robert Powers Entertainment Company in St. Louis, one of Cole’s casting agencies.

It was by chance that Cole found out about the audition, Ramona Burnett recalled. They were in St. Louis for another audition when someone asked if they would be there on Saturday.

“We told them we didn’t know what was going on,” Ramona Burnett said.

They got the details and went to St. Louis for Cole to audition. That night, Cole wasn’t very confident and couldn’t sleep until they got the call of whether he was expected.

“There were a lot of people there and he said he didn’t think out of all the people they would call him,” said Andrea Burnett. “But he had to know what they said before he could go to sleep.”

Needless to say, he was surprised when they got the call that he was to be included in the vote.

“The look on his face — we should have had a camera — it was just priceless,” Ramona Burnett said. “Because he wasn’t expecting it.”

Barrett said the magazine helps get aspiring actors’ names out. “Clients throughout the United States receive this magazine,” she said.

Obviously, Cole wants to win and be on the cover. But if not, he just wants to get his name and face out there...

Standard Democrat MO - November 13, 2007

John Robert Powers runs the Almost Famous Magazine as a promotional tool.

firebrand Media
4663 Valerrio Way
camarillo, California 93012
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 10-Mar-06
Expires on: 10-Mar-08
Last Updated on: 26-Oct-07

Administrative Contact:
Powell, Tracy
firebrand Media
4663 Valerrio Way
camarillo, California 93012
United States
(805) 444-4512 Fax --

As the holidays draw near, the Alee Shelter usually has a higher number of women and children seeking their services.

For more than 26 years, the nonprofit group has provided counseling, education and job opportunities, as well as a safe haven for abused women and children on Guam.

Residents this weekend have a chance to have fun while helping the shelter's younger clients.

The annual Festival for Alee Kids, held by the John Robert Powers International Student Club, will have a host of games, activities and entertainment, with the goal of raising funds for the shelter. The money will be used for food and clothing for the shelter's youth clients.

Pacific Daily News - November 13, 2007

Mimi Eddy - International President of John Robert Powers attended the 11th Annual Hollywood Film Festival's "Hollywood Awards" ceremony, honoring independent filmmakers and established Hollywood professionals. It was held before a standing-room-only audience of over 1,200 Hollywood Film Festival attendees at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The 5-foot 10-inch girl everyone at school made fun of for being a band geek became the envy of aspiring models when she was discovered by MMG nine months ago as a student at John Robert Powers acting and modeling school in downtown Boston, said her mother.

"At first (when she got signed) I think, no one really believed it until one day the news crew came to school," said Kaila. "I think everyone was a little jealous after that and now she's become pretty popular actually."

Fleming - who has acted in several community plays - also takes acting classes at John Robert Powers and said that is her first love.

Her manager, Jeff Cohen, president of MMG (Model Manager Group), is very supportive of the teen's current need for space, said her mother.

The mother and daughter spent nearly two months living in a tiny apartment in Japan surrounded by other young models.

"They basically put us in a van everyday and shipped us out to a bunch of casting calls in southern Japan," said the teen.

Fleming was chosen as one of three girls in the United States to go to Japan by California-based talent agency Visage Inc.

"We didn't hear from them for about a month. Then about a 1 1/2 months before they were scheduled to leave we got the call," said Fleming. "We had to scurry around to get passports and plane tickets - it was crazy."

The mother-daughter duo was forced to roam the streets of Japan daily with a map written in Japanese to find her casting calls.

The teen booked several bridal jobs and a catalogue featuring clothes from Sicily - her favorite.

"I got one really cool job for a catalogue in Hong Kong. A company from China came to cast and had seen my pictures before ... I got to wear a bunch of clothes and the shot was really editorial," said Fleming of her 12-outfit photo shoot.

Fleming said when she was surrounded by other young international models in Japan she was surprised to see some of her peers substituting cigarettes for lunch.

Even though she's been told to "tone up her legs," the industry hasn't sapped her self-esteem, she said.

"I think I've gotten a lot more confidence with myself," said Fleming. "I look at (my photos) and say, 'Wow, I can do this.' As long as I'm exercising and being healthy - I'm comfortable with myself."

"If they like the bony look - then they won't pick Rachel and that's fine," said Becky Fleming. "If she ever picks up an eating issue - then she doesn't get to do it anymore."

The teen admits she wasn't a pro in front of the camera when she had her first photo shoot over a year ago in Boston - right after she started taking modeling and acting classes at John Robert Powers.

The Model Life, Milford Daily News, Mass. October 16, 2007

Her parents simply wanted her to uncurl herself, and so they enrolled her at John Robert Powers School in Boston, about an hour's drive from their home. The acting and modeling classes were expensive – the Elite plan cost them nearly $6,000 – but Rachel loved them. It was a small price to pay to see her start to carry herself less like a question mark and more like an exclamation point.

And then the unimaginable happened: The wallflower was discovered. In January, a rep from Model Management Group in New York walked into the school and fell in love with Rachel. A few weeks later, Rachel and her mother, Becky, drove down to Manhattan and signed an exclusive, three-year contract with the management company. "It was pretty crazy," Rachel says. "We were kind of nervous signing, but then I figured, once the contract is over, I'll be about 16-and-a-half, and if I want to do something else, I can just go somewhere else." But until then, as Rachel puts it, the agency owns her: She can't even cut her hair on a whim.

The indescribable "it factor" – a unique look that captivates you – is how Jeff Cohen, the president of Model Management Group puts it, and that's why his company jumped on the chance to sign her exclusively. "When we see someone who's very strong, like Rachel, we have to make a decision right up front," he says. "We know when other people see her that they're going to try to steal her from us. The industry is like the Wild West. People poach. It's a really funny industry."

And sometimes not so funny. "There are serious dangers to modeling, and I don't think anybody should minimize them," Cohen says. Last August, Luisel Ramos, a 22-year-old model from Uruguay – who reportedly subsisted on nothing but lettuce and diet soda – dropped dead during a fashion show in her home country due to complications from anorexia; her 18-year-old sister, Eliana, also a model, died from a heart attack related to malnutrition six months later. A media firestorm prompted organizers of Madrid's fashion week last September to ban models with a body mass index, or BMI, of less than 18. (Luisel Ramos's was said to be about 14.5; the World Health Organization considers a BMI of 16 to be indicative of starvation.) But just two months later, a 21-year-old Brazilian model, Ana Carolina Reston, who weighed just 88 pounds, died in Paris of an infection related to complications from anorexia. Cohen says that he watches his models carefully, but it's a struggle. "There's such resistance to it," says Cohen. "We had a model who had that problem, and we ended up losing her because she didn't want to hear it from us. The problem is the fashion market. The people who should be in there should be people who are naturally thin. A lot of people go in, and if they don't starve themselves, they don't fit the measurement."

Girlhood, Interrupted - Boston Globe, August 26, 2007

Viet Nam’s John Robert Powers Acting and Modelling Agency School (JRP) has opened three new short training courses to meet increasing demand for contestants in professional beauty pageants, presenters for TV shows (MCs) or models.

The US$2,000-training course is based on JRP’s international-standardised curriculum, which trains students with all the techniques they need for a career in the industry.

On finishing the course, trainees will have a final examination modelling in a real beauty contest. Top students will be selected to join in contests hosted by the International Modelling and Talent Association (IMTA) in the US.

August 29, 2007

POWERS INTERACTIVE is an affiliate of John Robert Powers International. Job openings in the call center industry. Apply. Train. Get Hired. Avail the Train Now, Pay Later promo.

Fifteen-year-old Truong Minh Xuan Thao, a student from John Robert Powers – Vietnam, who took part in the recent IMTA contest, has received an offer to work and study in Hollywood.

Besides the offers from a fashion company and a Hollywood filmmaker, she has also been approached by Chinese, Taiwanese and Thai agencies. Xuan Thao was one of the four students sent by John Robert Powers – Vietnam to compete in the International Modeling and Talent Organisation contest held this July in New York.

Another team member, 14-year-old Thanh Tam, has also been invited to take part in a commercial by a New York-based company. In this year’s IMTA contest, Vietnamese contestants (Xuan Thao, Thanh Tam, Bao Ngoc and Thanh Tu) took part in 10 categories including make-up skills, acting in English and modeling on the catwalk with 2,000 other candidates from all over the world.

The four Vietnamese modeling and acting hopefuls paid around US$8,000 for the trip out of their own pockets. Vo Thi Xuan Trang, Director of John Robert Powers – Vietnam, who accompanied the candidates on their American trip, said, “Though the Vietnamese students are much shorter than other candidates, and didn’t win any prizes, they did have a chance to market themselves to entertainment companies from all over the world, and Xuan Thao is an example of marketing success.”

August 10, 2007

She was crowned National Miss Michigan Princess at the state pageant held July 21, 2007 at the beautiful Marriott Hotel in Troy. She received her Official State Crown, Banner and Trophy, plus a$1,000 Cash Award! She will also receive her transportation costs to the National Pageant to be held in Anaheim, California during Thanksgiving week along with a special day in Disneyland for two and a tour through the famous streets of Hollywood for two.

At the pageant she also received "Most promising model" award with a $1,000 scholarship to the John Robert Powers school of Modeling and Acting, "Best Resume" award, 1st runner-up in art contest, and 3rd runner-up in the photogenic contest.

The National American Miss Pageants are dedicated to celebrating America's greatness and encouraging its future leaders. Each year, the pageant awards thousands in scholarships and prizes to recognize and assist the development of young women nationwide. All activities are age-appropriate and family-oriented. Pageants are held in each state for girls ages four to eighteen in five different age divisions.

The National American Miss Pageants are for "Today's Girl" and "Tomorrow's Leaders." The pageant program is based on inner beauty, as well as poise, presentation, and offers an "All American Spirit" of fun for family and friends. Emphasis is placed on the importance of gaining self-confidence, learning new skills, learning good attitudes about competition, and setting and achieving personal goals. The pageant seeks to recognize the accomplishments of each girl while encouraging her to set goals for the future!

Local girl wins state pageant - Battle Creek Enquirer, August 4, 2007

The fireworks show on the Fourth of July is part of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program's annual carnival at Mills Park, which runs today through Wednesday.

Along with unique arts and crafts vendors will be John Robert Powers of Reno, who will be accepting audition applications for opportunity and development. For information, call 851-2062 or visit them at the fair.

Nevada Appeal, June 29, 2007

CA - The Simi Valley Family YMCA is combining its annual summer camp/swim lessons signup day and its Healthy Kids Day on Saturday, April 14.

Healthy Kids Day activities are free with a summer program registration and $5 without sign-up.

Representatives from the Los Angeles Kings will run street hockey games in a portable arena and also give away free Kings hockey items.

Lowe's will conduct a "Kid's Clinic," and talent agency John Robert Powers will conduct screen tests for young actors.

America's Premiere acting and modeling academy, John Robert Powers San Ramon is seeking an energetic and professional receptionist.

We host top Hollywood and San Francisco talent agents and casting directors that audition our kids and clients for major network shows and top modeling agencies.

Call 925-837-9000, fax 925-743-4415

Very desirable Franchise Territories are available in key markets throughout the world. John Robert Powers is a full service franchiser offering the essential materials and training to launch and maintain a successful business.

For information about territories in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East please contact Mr. Richard C. Upton, President, John Robert Powers International Ltd., at e-mail
phone number (632) 893 7614 or fax number (632) 893 0660.

Trade Name:John Roberts Powers
Franchised Offered: Not Sub Franchising
Format: Classroom
Category: Educational / School
Products/services include personality development, executive grooming, acting, modeling, and power program.

Contact details:

Ms. Remedios Ramsey
Tel No: 831-8503 / 892-9511
Casmer Bldg. 195 Salcedo St.,
Legaspi Village Makati City
Web site:

John Robert Powers Training Center and Agency

Other - Auditions/Entries

Saturdays, March 3, 2007 - March 24, 2007
10:00 AM-6:00 PM

John Robert Powers
211 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02110

Audition for the International Presentation of Preformers (IPOP) that will be held at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, July 2nd-5th., 2007

IPOP is a prestigious convention where industry leaders gather to find new faces.

If you are interested in Modeling, Acting, Singing or Dancing, THIS AUDITION IS FOR YOU!

RSVP for an appointment time and for more information at: 617-946-0508.

Suggested Audiences: Adult, College, High School, Middle School, Elementary


Costs quoted in Phillipine pesos on Feb 12, 2007 then converted to USD on Dec. 24, 2007

1. BASIC PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM - Cultivate your assets and make them work to your advantage! Here's a 10-day confidence-building workshop for all ages covering the salient components of personality, including appearance skills, verbal communication skills, and self-help techniques towards effective interactive skills. NOW is the time to unleash your potential!

COST P38,000 = $919 USD

2. IMAGE ENHANCEMENT - The ULTIMATE INTEGRATED workshop designed for all ages featuring practical strategies and application as well as in-depth skills-building techniques for success-driven individuals. 20 sessions combining the necessary tools for excellence are right at your fingertips! Find out how our graduates have gained the competitive edge in the academe, as well as in their social and professional life!

p65,000 = $1572

3. CAREER INTEGRATION - Sharpen your skills! Find out how 30 sessions of in-depth and progressive skills and makeover workshop sessions can give you a definitive advantage. For individuals of all ages with specific areas of interest and developmental needs. Options for career-advancement program are offered for individuals in various fields be it corporate, fashion, media or the performing arts.

p95,000 = $2297 USD

4. ADVANCED PROGRAM - A comprehensive and customized program of 40 sessions designed towards advancement of competency requirements and skills mastery in specific areas of expertise. Harness your hard skills and maximize your individuality. Create impact and integrity way beyond the first 11 seconds!

p160,000 = $3869 USD

5. ELITE LIFETIME PROGRAM - A highly personalized lifetime program with 50 required sessions covering key components towards personal, social and professional advancement with emphasis on self-knowledge, communication skills, interpersonal skills, image and personal style. Experience a proactive, no-nonsense approach to a complete transformation . Professional consultations guarantee sessions relevant to participant's requirements.

p350,000 = $8464 USD

There appears to be numerous flowery postings on espousing all the wonderful benefits of the John Robert Powers system. These similar sounding endorsements appear by all accounts to be peppered into the blog by shills from proponents of the organization.

If, on the other hand, they have been honestly made by a huge collective of ditzy-sounding teens, may God have mercy on our society.

Example: "OOOOOOHHHHHHH! i totally almost forgot! i had a screen test with John Robert Powers agency in Seattle and they liked me and now i have a real shot! i'm gonna be doing a workshop with their coach because i've never done any television.."