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blue bullet point Book Reveals Fraudulent Schemes, The Sudbury Star, August 9, 2000
blue bullet point By Bob Vaillancourt - Business Beat

An Azilda man has used the Internet to gather hundreds of court transcripts and other information about what he calls "crimes of persuasion". Les Henderson then distilled all that he learned during two years of research into a book, called Crimes of Persuasion. The book is now being sold through Henderson’s Web page at

A former salesman and telemarketer, Henderson said he wrote the book to help people understand the many facets of fraud and how it can dupe even the most guarded.

While many fall victim to fraudulent marketing schemes because they believe they are genuinely helping someone, or they don’t want to be seen to be impolite, many other may not even be aware they have been victimized, attributing their loss to an investment that didn’t pan out or some other legitimate cause, he said. And there are many others who are simply too vain to admit they were "suckered" by a scheme.

How the schemes work, and why, is all part of the book, which will be ready for distribution later this fall, said Henderson.

blue bullet point Look out for the Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud, Ellen Roseman, January 26, 2001  Toronto Star Business/News
blue bullet point Book tries to offer burn prevention from scam targets, Kennedy Gordon, The Sudbury Star, March 2001
blue bullet point Giver Beware, Joe Ashbrook Nickell, SmartBusiness, March 1,2002
blue bullet point Nigerian email fraud gang nabbed. by Drew Cullen, The Register May 22/02
blue bullet point Tourist Scams, Conde Nast Traveler, May 2002
blue bullet point Christian Science Monitor
blue bullet point Work-at-home scams attracting more victims by Anne Michaud PittsburghTribune-Review 05/28/02
blue bullet point The Great African Gold Mining E-Mail Operation   By Ken Ringle, Washington Post, June 12, 2002; Page C01
blue bullet point
blue bullet point Scamming Season is Here05/08/03 By RAGHURAM VADAREVU  NorthJersey
blue bullet point Beware the pyramid party scheme
blue bullet point
blue bullet point Investing with the Dolans - New York City Radio Show WOR 06/03
blue bullet point Looking for a foreigner they can use - Jill "J.R." Labbe - Star-Telegram ( Texas ) 06/08/03
blue bullet point BBC 5 Alive - radio broadcast panelist on "internet chain letter pyramid schemes" - 08/19/03
blue bullet point 3AW Radio in Melbourne, Australia - - interview with Ross Warneke - 06/5/04
blue bullet point Bet on it: Online Lotto Scams Soar by Marisa Schultz - Detroit News - 01/11/05

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