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E-mail Scams, Pyramid Schemes, Wacky Investments, Gifting Clubs, Prime Bank Investments

Suggested search words in rough groupings with main section links:

Telemarketing Fraud:

auto-dialers, call centers, mooches, rip and tear, telephone scams, schemes

Sweepstakes ( 1 of 5 Prizes Sweeps ( Advance Fee Sweeps ) Gimmie Gifts
Lotteries Magazine Subscriptions Reloading Recovery Scams
Charities / Donations / Fundraising      

Investment Fraud:


Affinity Blind Pools Commodities / Futures / Options FCC Licenses
Films Foreign Currency Exchange / FOREX Gemstones High Tech
IRA / RRSP Promissory Notes Prime Bank Real Estate
Resources T-Bills / Bonds / CD's & GIC's Viatical Wacky


Bait and Switch Churning Ponzi Power of Attorney
Pump and Dump Touting    

Terms & Techniques:

brokers, general partnerships, limited liability companies, mutual funds, penny stock, securities

Boiler Rooms EDGAR / SEDAR Financial Planners Microcap

Business opportunities:

downline, entrepreneurs, franchises, internet fraud, locator services, matrix

Bulk e-mail Display Racks Inventions / Patents Medical Billing Services
MLM /  Multilevel Marketing Vanity Press Publishing Vending Machines  

Consumer scams:

computer crime, slamming

Chain Letters Cramming ( 800/900 numbers ) Credit Card Insurance Diets / Weight Loss
Home Equity / Home Renovation Infomercials Internet Fraud Local Pyramid Clubs / Dinner Party / Gifting Clubs
Modeling School / Talent Scout Scams Multi-level Marketing / MLM Pay Per Call Pen Pals
Pyramid Schemes Reverse Mortgages Opportunity Seminars Sweetheart Scams
Time Shares / Travel Clubs Travel & Vacation Offers Urban Legends  

Money Problem Scams:

Bankruptcy Credit Analysis Credit Card Offers Credit Repair
Credit Reports File Segregation Identity Theft Loan Brokers
Secured Credit Card   advance fee  

How-to manuals:

Abandoned / Lost Money Employment Government Auctions Green Card Lottery
Inheritance Missing Persons Scholarships / Diplomas  


Assembly Projects Computer Work Product Testing Reading Books
Stuffing Envelopes      

Street scams:

Bank Examiner Pigeon Drop Jamaican Switch Melon Drop
Fortune Tellers Distraction Burglary Door-to-Door Coin Con

Business Scams:

Nigerian Scams ( Central Bank of Nigeria / Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation )

Bank Fraud Business Loans Bust out / Planned Bankruptcies Cheque / Check Fraud
Check Kiting Counterfeiting Cramming Fake Ads and Directories
Fraudulent Orders Internet Services Supply Scams Paper Pirates / Toner Phoners
Bogus Yellow Pages      

Criminal Operations:

institutional singers, mail drops, organized crime, stock promoters

Corporate Entities Recovery Operations Reloaders Rejection Mills

Money Laundering:

offshore banks, offshore trusts, organized crime

Placement Layering Integration Tax Havens
Enforcement Flight Capital    

Laws and Victims:

crime prevention, criminal justice, proceeds of crime, white collar crime

Canadian Laws Canadian Agencies U.S. Laws U.S. Agencies
Elder Abuse Mail Fraud Reporting Crime Restitution
Reverse Boiler Rooms Seniors Senior Assistance Sentencing Guidelines
Support Groups Vulnerable Victims    

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As you read about the countless frauds and scams that are out there, while taking satisfaction in the thought that you would never be gullible enough to fall for one, just try to envision your parents, grandparents, or your rich aunt, on the phone right this moment, preparing to send more of their savings and your ( dare we be so crass ) inheritance to some smooth-talking individual.

If you don't think that you will be affected by several of these operations throughout your life, you are sadly mistaken. Who knows, you might just be old and partially senile when they strike, so an "I told you so" wouldn't bother you much anyway.

For now, good luck and good hunting!