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ACN Multi-level Marketing

06/07 - There will be HUGE numbers of people in MLM that do a little and then stop. The question is, will they stick around, remain on their services, keep their customers on, renew, etc? This, my friend, is what I've come to understand as the key to building a residual income - retention.

You can recruit as many people as you want, but if you have a 95% attrition rate then you'll never have residual income - you'll be spinning plates for the rest of your life.

People who join and do nothing and then quit will quit, leave, and most likely not stay on the services. However, it's the people that produce a reasonable effort and get reasonable results that we need to stick around - because that's going to represent 80% of your downline.

For years in Excel I bought into the crap my upline was feeding me - that 95% attrition is normal in MLM. That is absolute bull. Yes, 5% are going to make six figures in MLM, but there is going to be a lot of people (most) who produce enough effort to get results. It is these people that I'm referring to.

The company you are with will largely determine whether someone sticks around or not

ACN Information

06/07 - Sac Global, Shane Douglas, Simon Abbud, Carlos Rey, Andy McWilliams, etc, did not "choose" to join ACN because they saw it as a better vehicle than Excel, they joined because Excel was going out of business.

ACN Residual Income

06/07 - Approx. 80% of ACN's total payout is paid to 3 people, (the RVP, SVP, and the 7th level person (if qualified). The other 7 people split 20%.

In ACN there are 6 ways a rep can have their residual check cut into ( lose a percentage of it, or all)
1. Company goes out of Business
2. Customer leaves the service
3. Fall out of qualification for 2-7 level payout.
4. Person in your group Personal customer Billing amount goes over $3000
5. You lose your RVP or SVP qualification.
6. Someone in your group hits RVP or SVP

ACN Enterprise Compensation Points

07/07 - New Position Qualifications (U.S.)

ACN Wireless services now count as Phone Points!
New Team Trainers in the United States who start on July 1, 2007, or after will become a Qualified TT with 8 Phone Points*, which includes a maximum of 4 points per household.

In addition, ACN Wireless services will now count as Phone Points and toward TT qualifications for new representatives who start July 1, 2007, or after, allowing new representatives to further leverage ACN’s outstanding wireless product.

New ETT Qualifications (U.S.)

Representatives in the U.S. qualify for the position of Executive Team Trainer by earning 12 Phone Points plus two directly-sponsored qualified TTs.

There is no change for Executive Team Leader qualifications.

New Regional Vice President Compensation (U.S. & Canada)
3 Star & 4 Star

To help bridge the gap for all up-and-coming leaders, ACN is introducing a new level of Regional Vice President compensation. Both RVP compensation categories are considered Regional Vice Presidents for the purposes of recognition. The only difference is in the way in which the two categories are compensated

3 Star RVPs
Representatives can now achieve the level of 3 Star RVP by having at least one Team Coordinator in three separate legs (at any level) as well as a minimum of $50,000 in downline monthly billing. 3 Star RVPs can earn up to $6,000 in Team CABS, as well as 1% on all their open line billings from their 8th level down to the 7th level of the next RVP who is a 3 Star RVP or higher.

4 Star RVPs
Current RVPs with 4 or more TC legs (at any level) and a minimum of $75,000 in downline monthly billing will now be compensated as 4 Star RVPs. There is no impact on the income of a 4 Star RVP when they promote a 3 Star RVP in their donwline. The compensation plan for 4 Star RVPs will remain exactly the same including commissions, CABs and T-CABs. The open line of a 4 Star RVP is down to the next 4 Star RVP; it does not end at a 3 Star RVP.

3 Star RVP 4 Star RVP
25 TTs $2,000 $2,000
50 TTs $4,000 $5,000
100 TTs $6,000 $10,000
150 TTs --- $15,000
250 TTs --- $25,000
500 TTs --- $50,000

A few important notes:

Both 3 Star and 4 Star RVPs continue to be eligible to receive TC CABs and T-CABs.
There are no 3 Star RVP CABs; only 4 Star RVPs receive RVP CABs.
4 Star RVPs only receive 4 Star T-CABs and commissions; they do not receive 3 Star T-CABs or commissions.

New SVP Qualifications
(U.S. and Canada)

Effective July 1, 2007, a representative can reach the position of SVP with 6 TCs or RVPs in 6 separate legs with at least 3 RVP legs (at any level), plus a minimum of $500,000 in monthly billings of ACN’s services in the SVP's total downline. In addition, ACN has increased the first generation SVP commissions from 0.5% to 1%.

The ACN Opportunity

07/07 - I am not saying ACN is a scam, by definition a scam is a business that intends to defraud or swindle someone. ACN provides real services to their clients.

Again, the problem with ACN arises when you realize that to make any real money in your first few years, you have to recruit...A LOT. Most people do not want to go through that, and not only that but you are competing in a very tough marketplace, the telecom industry.

This is why ACN really promotes the whole "ask your friends and family to switch on to the service as a favor", ACN knows that if you walk up to a random person and ask them to switch to a no name carrier for the exact same price as verizon or sprint, they will be laughed at.

ACN Company Information

07/07 - Let me clear up a BIG misconception many new--and even experienced--reps have had--inculding me for a while--about the New TT Bonus. This bonus is NOT to "get your money back" as WE reps sometimes incorrectly promote.

The startup fee for ACN is $499. However, ACN gives new reps a chance to earn a $500+ bonus in their first 30 days for achieving ETT, something they need to do anyway. (For July, this bonus is $1,000.)

If you achieve it, great. If you don't, no problem because whenever you achieve ETT, you're still positioned to earn up to $3,000 a month--6 times your intial startup fee. Unfortunately, because of the way we've promoted it, if new reps don't get it, they feel they've failed, and a lot of times they quit.

But, in reality, they haven't failed; all they've done is delayed their success. If they don't get it their 1st month, they still can get it in their 2nd month, or 3rd month, or 4th month, or ... however long it takes for them.

ACN infinity payout
CAB grab mentality
ACN training event
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08/07 - Coded Bonuses are the BEST way to go IMO.

If you're an RVP or higher, you dont have to worry about someone in your group losing their status (etc), maybe causing you to lose your status, and hence affecting your residual income, like many have experienced in NON-Coded pay plans.

Is ACN One of Those Multi Level Marketing Scams?

08/07 - Let's do the numbers really quick. If a rep in ACN were to have 100 reps in their organization who each had ZERO customers their residual income would be ZERO. If that very person had 10 reps in their organization who each had 20 customers a piece it still wouldn't be a huge difference.

For example, if Joe Schmoe had 10 reps who each had 20 customers you would have a total of 200 customers in your organization.

Both of us know that if you only have 10 reps in your organization they will fall on the first couple levels.

200 customers X 40.00 (phone bill for example purposes only) = $8000

$8000 X .0025 = $20.00 residual per month

Although there IS a difference between earning $0 and $20.00 per month, I think her point was that it wasn't TOO much of a difference.

ACN Success or ACN Scheme?

08/07 - Are you making a decision based off of emotion or logic? Don't get me wrong, everyone bases their decision off of some type of emotion, and yes I know sometimes people are taught to "close" people in their business (which makes no sense in my mind) but all it takes is crunching the numbers.

Even if you fill out the rep agreement you still have days to look over the compensation plan and plug in the numbers. Back in the day they used to include the different level payouts in their presentations, as I understand it this is not the case anymore.

The only thing I wished ACN did was add in the level payouts to their presentations instead of saying "up to 7%".

This way people would see that on 5 of their levels if each customer billed $38.00 (used in their example) their residual payout would be .095 (basically .10 cents a customer)

Dynamic Compression Could Help Reps at ACN Make Money

08/07 - ACN promoters keep saying that the residual for the heavy hitters at ACN is better - up to 2%.

It is clear to me that you do not understand how Lightyear's residual works. Our 8-level base commission is 1%. To be qualified to get paid on all 8 levels you need to be a Senior Manager and have 10 active personal customer points.

Once you promote to SM and earn $2,500 in total monthly earnings your commission jumps to 2%, once it gets to $5,000 it jumps to 3% and once it jumps to $10,000 your residual is 4% + a true 1% infinity residual commission (regardless of generations of ranks under you).

This is 1% to 4% on all 8 levels and is DYAMICALLY COMPRESSED. It is this dynamic compression that I think you're missing or perhaps misunderstanding.

Let's say you build a team of 15 levels down that looks like this:

YOU - a SM with 10 points
Level 1 - a SM with 10 points
Level 2 - a Manager with 5 points
Level 3 - a Manager with 9 points
Level 4 - a Manager with 3 points
Level 5 - a RM with 15 points
Level 6 - a VP with 25 points
Level 7 - a Manager with 3 points
Level 8 - a Manager with 2 points
Level 9 - a Manager with 7 points
Level 10 - a SM with 12 points
Level 11 - a Manager with 8 points
Level 12 - a VP with 50 points
Level 13 - a RM with 20 points
Level 14 - a Manager with 5 points
Level 15 - a Manager with 4 points

Now, here's a test for you. How many of these people do you get paid residuals off of?

The answer is ALL OF THEM!!!! Here in lies the power of dynamic compression!

See, only 6 of the reps in this line of sponsorship are qualified to earn 8 levels of pay. Therefore, when it comes time to pay residuals, the compression kicks in and compresses the earnings until 8 levels are being paid out.

Now, let's assume that you as an SM were earning LESS than $2,500 a month - so you're earning 1% on your residual. Well, if I'm not mistaken isn't that close to what an RVP earns to infinity?

Okay then, just with our base commission of 1% you'd be doing very well in residuals. The key here, is all you have to do to be qualified for this is have 10 active customer points and a team of 6 reps - in other words, you simply need to promote to Senior Manager - our first leadership level.

You said that ACN's numbers would be bigger for the heavy hitters - with the huge organizations. I actually disagree. One of our top income earners in our company who's billing millions annually has over 30 levels - but because of dynamic compression he's earning 4% on the entire thing!

One thing that you should also notice is that Lightyear's dynamic compression doesn't care what titles are under you. I could have 4 people at the same level as me on my first level and because of dynamic compression I'm still earning 4%.

The Truth about ACN and Lightyear

08/07 - I think the big difference between the comp plans right now is that ACN has bigger residual potential (bigger than LYA) to the top 3% of reps, while LYA has bigger residual potential (bigger than ACN) for 97% of the reps.

So the point is to figure out whether you care more about making more for yourself or your team making more. My personal opinion is that I would rather have EVERYONE earning a great residual check, rather than just me... which is why I'm in LYA.

ACN Customer Acquisition

08/07 - Just to clarify, the "logic vs. emotion" training refers to customer acquisition NOT rep recruitment. It's about getting people you know to try your services primarily because of your relationship with them and not because our rates are lowest.

When it comes to recruiting, we want people to be excited about the opportunity but NOT join it just based on their excitement.

ACN Presentation Specifics

The ACN presentation does not include the specifics of what it takes for 7th level qualification.

The company presentation is designed to be short ( 1 page ), the presentation is simply a tool to see if someone is interested in finding out more, NO COMPANY puts everything about the entire comp plan or all the rules on a presentation.

And just to make sure you understand, all RVP levels and SVP, qualify for 7th level by having only 6 personal customers, not 20 or 40.

Our presentation clearly says in box 6 that each person needs 25 customers. At 2 points each, that is 50 customer points and that is 7th level qualified.

Showing 4% for your example is just like telling a new person that is what they can get, knowing that only 1% to 3% of reps will ever get it.

ACN Comp Plan

08/07 - Look, how this all got started was the issue of ACN's presentation not talking about the .0025% that is paid on the first 5 levels and only focusing on the "up to 7%" on the 7th level. To me that is greatly misleading because the presentation says "up to 7%" with an arrow all throughout the 7 levels - leading someone to believe that they'll have the ability to earn up to 7% on ALL of those levels.

All I'm saying is that ACN should show the actual residuals on all the levels - just like we do. I don't understand why you wouldn't do this? Saying you make up to 7% with an arrow going from level 1 to level 7 is making people think they're earning 7% on all 7 levels.

Why not show people the .0025% on the first 5 levels?

ACN Business Plan

08/07 - The residual %'s listed on all levels, the way we used to show them, was too cluttered and made the sheet look too busy.

The leadership wanted the numbers taken out so we could explain the levels and then hand the detailed comp plan after the presentation to the interested prospects.

It was taken out by our request to make the sheet less busy and easier on the eyes with all detail backed up in the comp plan details as a handout. It would take 3 hours to accurately explain all percentages and levels during a presentation.

Is ACN for Real?

08/07 - I went from a company that paid commissions very similar to ACN's to one that paid a full 1% on all the levels. I saw the same type of commitment levels in both companies (80% being average people who didn't do much).

However, my retention rate was MUCH higher than my first company. What I attributed it to was people were content with where they were. I define retention as people who at least keep their business qualified so they can at least continue to earn their ongoing commissions.

See, this is what nutritional MLM programs have had over telecom for years - their goal is to get people making just enough to pay for their product and if the product is quality and helping them then why would they leave? This creates their retention. In other words, even if they aren't going to build any longer - they still remain qualified!

In Excel, it was very difficult to get people to earn enough residuals to pay for their business and make it worth it for them to stick around. After I left Excel I saw first hand that it didn't have to be that way.

ACN is it a scam?

8/07 - I think I have clearly stated that 95% of people are not gonna cut it, I might have even said 97%. I have been in business a long time, these numbers are across the board accurate in almost every industry. If you have 100 employees, 5 of them will be real winners.

ACN Multi Level Makes Difference

08/07 - We all know that not everybody will stick with their company or the industry for 3 years, but what if they did and simply recruited one person each and every month? Sure the average person only recruits 2.x reps in MLM, but those people generally also quit after a month or two.

I don't think it would be unreasonable to say that if someone stuck with a company for 3 years that 36 front liners would be out of question, that's 1 person each month for 3 years (I know you know this - don't think I'm trying to insult you because I'm not).

Now will a person stick with a company for 3 years if they aren't experiencing growth in their organization? I don't know.

ACN Business Review

08/07 - If you had a team of 100 reps in your ACN business anywhere between 30% to 50% of those reps will fall on your 7th level. Any leader in the industry knows this statistic. Lets use the absolute worst case of 30%.

ACN Example
30 reps 10 customers $50 per bill @ 7% = $1,050.

We won't even deal with the 70 other reps because we pay so much more as to render those irrevelevant to analysis. This income can be made by any TT in ACN and you don't have to be an executive at all. Simply have 40 customer points personally.

LYA Example
100 reps 10 customers $50 per bill @1% = $500

Now, that analysis was only at the beginning position. At higher leadership positions, such as SVP, you can make 3 1/2% to infinity in your group. Again, unmatched in the industry. Any top leader will also tell you that at least 2/3rds of your total groups will fall below level 8 eventually.

Now you can see why I have never lost a prospect to LYA....they simply pay a fraction of the total payout. PLUS.....they don't even pay a residual on Cellular. Cellular residual incomes in ACN will explode over the next 12 months based upon what I have witnessed. You'll be hearing about these everywhere as they build larger and larger.

Selling ACN

08/07 - So, let’s say a rep sells a cell phone in ACN. That means they’re earning 1% from their personal volume of $40. That means an ACN rep is earning .40 cents a month for 24 months ($9.60 after 2 years).

If someone sells a cell phone in that reps downline they’re going to earn .0025% from the $40 which comes out to .10 cents a month. That paid out over 2 years is about $2.40 cents on levels 1-5. The only place the rep makes a reasonable commission is on the 7th level.

Yes, I know the commission on the 7th level is huge - but unlike you 50% of my team doesn't fall on my 7th level. I must admit, I'm in awe of you, you're the only Network Marketer I've ever met that had half of their entire organization on their 7th level - so congrats to you buddy!

ACN Expansion

08/07 - Don't be absurd. I never said an entire team. I am referencing your absurd example of 100 reps only for a person. In those first 100 reps, I would expect at least 30% to be on the 7th level.

As your and my company both know....over time the first 4 levels become very small in relation to the exponential growth and the bottom levels very large. That is why your high percentages on the throw away levels of 1 to 4 are nothing but window dressing.

To refute this, I simply carry three commissions statements with me of people who have 1 personally sponsored rep and make between $1,300 and $2,100 per month in residual. Levels 1 to 4 are nothing....but of course we all know levels 5 to 7 are the meat and potatoes of any residual for a small builder.

ACN Tips

08/07 - First of all, you should NEVER stack people under someone when either rep has no idea of why this is taking place. Doing so can be very dangerous to your group. I understand your idea of creating this fear of loss - but there's a MUCH better way to do this and I'll get to that in a second.

You need to understand that by stacking people you're actually creating a dependent organization. The rep who you're putting someone under is thinking "well, I'll just let my upline TC do all the work for me" - or he's thinking "wow, this guy must not think I can do this on my own if he feels he needs to put people under me."

Then, the rep being stacked will be thinking to himself, "gee, I guess this TC doesn't think enough of me to personally sponsor me, he has to give me to someone else." And, he's also now saying to himself, "well if he's going to stack me under this other guy then he better stack people under me."

As you can see this does more harm than good.

ACN Opportunity

You keep referencing the SVP position as having a big residual - and it does - 3 1/2% is great for the SVP's. Again, how many of those are in ACN? Maybe 10 out of 400,000 reps?

Is ACN a Scam?

08/07 - I love your constant examples of the 7th level. I'm sorry but I have a lot more people above and below my 7th level so that's why I'm not impressed with the 7th level.

I also have a lot of average people on my team and almost all of them have a bulk of their organizations above their 7th level - so I'm only basing my opinion off of what makes sense to me.

I'm just not a superstar like you Matt - I don't have 50% of my team on one level alone (you still have yet to show us how you've done this).

I also love your examples of being an SVP in ACN - but in your company I would not be an SVP - just as you are not (yet). So that comparison really doesn't mean anything to me. I also know that most of my reps wouldn't get to SVP - so why would I be excited about something that most will never get to participate in?????

The bottom line is that the 7th level bonanza is the greatest chance for a small builder to make a significant income.

So when you say things like "those first 4 levels are just for window dressing" - this is why I disagree with you - because I don't see that as the case in my organization.

To one of the 10 SVP's in ACN - yes they could care less about the first 4 levels. But to the 399,000 people who won't build to SVP - those first 4 levels (in my experience) are VITAL!!!

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Spencer Hunn

Compare ACN

08/07 - You're saying that ACN pays out more than twice what LY does. Now, the question I have for you is - is that best case scenario or is that on every wireless customer?

I'm not arguing that there's a total payout POTENTIAL that's higher with the ACN wireless - never said otherwise. What I'd be curious about however, is whether the true ACTUAL payout is higher.

For example, what is the average personal commission that ACN reps are earning? Is it 1% or 10%? Does the average rep in ACN have a bulk of their wireless customers on the 7th level? Because if they don't then ACN is NOT paying out more on their wireless - they're only making it look like they do.

Another question: are 100% of the reps in ACN qualified to get paid off of all their 7 levels from the wireless customers on all those 7 levels? Or, what is the percentage of people in ACN that are fully qualified to get paid on all their 7 levels? Because if they aren't then ACN isn't paying out 100% of their payout for their cell phones.

ACN Downline Not Paid on Compression

Basically, customer volume that is generated from a rep who is unqualified to receive residuals gets compressed up to the next qualified rep, therefore unlike many companies, the residuals are going to the rep and not the company itself.

Also, anyone who is qualified to get paid residuals 8 levels deep CAN make up to 4% residuals. It's all based on their leadership bonus earnings.

Upto $2499 in leadership bonuses pays 1%
$2500-$4999 in leadershp bonuses pays 2%
$5k-$9999 in leadership bonuses pays 3%
$10k + in leadership bonuses pays 4%

ACN Representative Qualifying Steps

08/07 - This is the commission payout qualification requirements for ACN reps upto the 7th level.

LEVEL Cust Points or Cust Points/Directly sponsored Qualified TT

[Level 1 ] 1 point

[Level 2 -4 ] 25 points or 10 points and 2 QTTs

[Level 5-6 ] 35 points or 15 points and 4 QTTs

[Level 7] 40 points or 20 points and 5 QTTs

ACNs commission qualifications are based on Total personal points or (total personal points and qualified frontlined TTs).

ACN Gossip

10/07 - I heard Carlos Rey and Andy McWilliams left ACN... does anyone have any insight into why?

10/07 - I am having a hard time keeping track of all the RVP's & SVP's that have left ACN.

I know many of the "Big Wigs" have left for 5 linx but it seems many of the "up and commers" have left as well.

Back in the day ( a year or two ago, when I attended many of the international events all the big wigs just praised ACN) what happened to cause so many to leave?

I know it happens in business all the time that one person will leave a regular company for another opportunity, but the mass exodous is crazy.

Where have they all gone?

ACN has created more $10,000 a month REPS than any other telecom currently in the picture.

ACN Communications Services

10/07 - I've been around the industry for years and have seen good and bad people come and go as well as good companies come and go. I have to give a lot of respect to the founders of ACN.

They have build an extremely successful business with a very solid foundation. Many MLMs fall out within their first two years of business, just as many brick & mortar companies fall out within their first two years.

I don't think it's any "secret" that ACN is VERY heavy on compensating their reps for recruitment. It doesn't matter WHAT MLM you promote, if you are not constantly recruiting, you will not have a long-term successful organization. I think ACNs recruitment bonuses are very very generous.

The only flaw I see from a reps standpoint is that you pretty much adopt a mentality of hoping that your downline reps have production but NOT so much that you will get cut off when they hit your position.

Sure, you will have some reps saying "well that's a poor way to think of it" - I agree! But, the facts are...people will build their businesses (smart business people) to best maximize the compensation plan.

ACN is an extremely "top heavy" compensation plan. I have a couple of friends who are still in ACN (have been for years) that have said their only "flaw" are their residual payouts. People have to understand that if you pay very heavy on the front-end, it's going to be hard to pay out a lot residually.

The company DOES need to make money some how. Although ACN has an extremely low residual pay out, it's nothing different from most telecommunication MLMs.

ACN,FHTM,Escape, Excel (before they went under) all adopted the majority of the level payouts at 1/4% which is extremely low. However, they do get people excited because they offer a high payout on one or two levels which a majority of the reps and customers will never fall on.

The only two companies I have really seen that pay a very solid residual with very fair qualifications are 5linx and Lightyear Alliance. 5linx has very strong residual numbers while LYA has a very solid residual payout with extremely low qualifications to hit those percentages.

I am aware that ACN recently changed their compensation plan. (I have some trouble keeping up with it because they seem to change it every 3-4 months). The most recent change is probably one of the worst I've seen from them as of recently.

I do think it's AWESOME that they did wipe out some of those 1/4 levels and upped a few levels percentage payouts residually. However, what most people never see is that they changed the QUALIFICATIONS in order to hit those levels.

In order to get paid past your second level in the new comp plan the rep now needs 20 customer points which isn't too bad. Most companies set the qualification mark to get paid on ALL of their levels (unilevel) at around 10-20 customers.

Here is the real kicker that most never see. In order to get paid past 4 levels you need 40 personal customer points. Now don't get me wrong...40 customer points isn't the hardest task in the world by any means.

But now what's happening is that MANY people just lost their 7th level qualification status. Not only that, I'd venture to say that probably around 98% of the reps in ANY telecom company NEVER acquire 40 personal customer points.

The beauty of MLM is that it's all about A LOT of people doing A LITTLE BIT. When you go out and tell someone to get 40 personal customer points you are taking the whole concept of "get a handful of loyal customers" and build a huge team.

If you don't build a team - you're not making money. Sure, I'm also sure that a lot of people say "40 personal customer points over a lifetime is NOTHING" - I agree! However, that means there will be a lot of time that you aren't getting paid past the very low 4 levels of payout residually until you get those 40 personal customer points.

People need to realize that LEADERS will COME and GO. Leaders will leave companies. Just because a leader leaves a company, it doesn't mean that it's a bad compny (I agree with FYLs statement).

However, when you start to see an on-going trend of top level leaders leaving a company, that should be a red flag that everything they push about "getting to the top" isn't so lucrative after all.

The whole news of Carlos and Andy leaving ACN is not a big suprise. I'm sure they took a huge pay cut when Simon broke SVP.

I'm also sure over the next 6 months you will see other ACN leaders (who came from Excel) pick up and go. Why? Because they got their deals to come over to ACN and now that their "obligations" are up, they can pick up and go.

10/07 - Its funny you say that. Because if this was a few years ago, your conversation would have been.....

..... When Chris Oliver, Montrell Jackson, Andre Marionian, Steve Carter, Lisa & Henry LoConti, Dr. Ross Lambert, Jamie Forte, Carlos Rey leave then I'll be on my toes. (All former Top Producing RVPs in ACN)

Multi Level Marketing ACN

I just want to clarify a couple of things about ACN's compensation plan. 1st, a rep must have 40 customer points to earn 7 levels of residual income. But, points are not the same as customers. Most of our services = 2 points (except long distance and internet = 1 point each).

So, 1 customer can = 1, 2, 4, 6 or more points. In general, 40 points = 20 customers, which, according to ACN Co-Founder Robert S., is typical of the telecom companies.

2nd, ACN's new comp plan started on Oct 1, but we have until Nov to get our 40 cps, which is usually something ACN does.

3rd, if a rep is actively acquiring customers the right way--either by signing up their family and close friends (and their referrals) or by signing up people who are not interested in joining the business (and their referrals)--they will have 40 customer points long before their organization grows to their 7th level.

4th, as Robert has also said, once you achieve RVP and SVP, you no longer have to maintain 40 cps to get paid on all 7 levels and beyond.

ACN Independent Rep

10/07 - one must understand that their is a difference from being "cut out" and "cut in".

Robert used the 5linx example of payout to show how, as your team grows and success become massive, others will eventually obtain the same position as the upline leader, and cut that leader out, and this is absolutely true.

This is the case for All MLM.... ACN, Fortune, LYA, etc. This is not a bad thing (IMO), because all these companies can only pay so many generations deep. This is being "Cut Out". meaning you earn no more commissions/bonuses from beyond that last generational position.

Now being "Cut IN" is when Leaders in your group, hit the higher positions, same as yours, and as a result your current level of income is cut into. More specifically your residual.

So if your a RVP, and your residual is $15k/month, and someone in your group hits RVP, Your residual checks drops to $10K/month (this is just an example).

And this Cut IN, has an influence on why Leaders leave for greener pastures, more so than the cut out.

That’s one of the main reasons why 5linx has a great comp plan. 5linx comp plan is designed to keep this (Cut IN) from happening. So other than the company closing, or the customer leaving, no one will cut into your already existing resi check.

So if you are earning $15K/month, you can expect to get $15k/month no matter who hits your position. It only effects what you get paid on future customers.

ACN Lead Generation

10/07 - The reality is that there is no such thing as walk away residuals anywhere ( if 3% to 5% of customers leave every month), UNLESS YOU build a gigantic organization, which is very rare.

ACN founder

Is ACN Bad?

People keep asking on this board why some RVP's left, my point was that when there is massive success, people will get cut out and there income will go down ( unless they stay in phase 1, which for some reason very few people do. )

As they get cut out, there income will go down, there stage time will go down, there recognition will go down, as you and i know, for many mlm leaders with big egoes, those are hard pills to swallow, so they look for other options.

The same thing will happen with your company as massive success happens and to others ( LYA, Fthm and so on ).

Eventually those leaders will be cut out of some or lots of pay, those leaders will not get the same stage time, those leaders will not get the same amount of recognition and some or many of them will look elsewhere, JUST LIKE IT HAS BEEN HAPPENING WITH ALL BIG SUCCESSFULL MLM'S FOR EVER.

ACN Facts About ACN Career Prospects

10/07 - I heard from Spencer himself, in his back yard, with a small group of leaders that Becky Bursell left because her team started crumbling, and production started coming to a halt. Kyanni somehow got a hold of her and waved some Benjamin's in her face....$300,000 if I'm not mistaken, so she took the money and ran. I heard she was trying to take some of her ACN reps with her.

In short money talked and she walked, no loyalty. Spencer regretted ever helping her, because it kept her in the business long enough to give her a big head. Instead he wished he would have let her business fall apart early on in her stay in ACN so she would have gotten out long before she had huge teams that fell apart.

Steve N. he couldn't stop spending his monthly bonuses and residuals, he apparently burned through 30k every month like it was a pocket full of change at the arcade.

So, Kyanni waved money at him too, but he was in a financial position that he couldn't refuse, he still had to keep his family fed...he did not want to leave ACN. Spencer said that Steve met with him and ***** Cotter and was weeping (literally, he was crying) about the prospect of leaving ACN.

Which is funny, because he's very LDS and the church teaches you to be frugal, but it goes to show you that no matter what you are taught, addiction can win addiction to spending I guess.

I felt really bad for Steve when I heard this, because if he would have followed Spencer's example and listened to what his church teaches him he'd still be in ACN.

Kyani Juice MLM Opportunity or Scam?

Kyani is like a blueberry juice. Its just another "wellness" company that will make some money, and be done. Good people always find a way to make money. Leaving Spence's team was the stupidest thing ever.

Kyani is not just blueberry juice, it's ALASKAN blueberry juice: Surprised?: You know if it's from ALASKA, it can't get any better!

Pyramid Scheme Accusations

11/07 - by NoviceNetworker - This is a new pyramid scheme with if you are asked to attend a presentation and asked to pay $3500 every year to stay in the pyramid stay well clear as media, goverment fraud agencies have been notified..

You will lose out..people behind this are Carlos Rey, Andy McWilliams, Kyle Lowe, Linda Jenkinson, Frank Varon.

They may be known as luxurylife but its Carlos Rey and Andy McWilliams who left ACN are trying to persuade us and the rest of their ACN network to join their pyramid.

Apparently they do meetings in Miami, so if you attend and persuade others to join their scheme you are breaking the law and criminal charges could be brought against you as a participant. The promoters will be sued and shut down as reports are now going to the authorities. Scam
luxurylife Pyramid Scam

ACN Forum Poster Blasts Perfect4U

Lets not cloud issues here!

NoviceNetworker is a guy called George (Gurdeep) Singh or Basra.

He and a guy called Rob Fitzpatrick have a scam called Perfect4U.

Themselves and another creep called Paul Stephenson wanted to do business with some of the above mentioned.

When they saw Perfect4U, Rob, George and Paul's history, they declined to do any business with them.

Now good people, I will leave it up to you to make up your own minds, just try searches on:


Rob Fitzpatrick

George Singh or Gurdeep Basra

Paul Stephenson

LMM in South Africa

LMI / OMI / VIP club


and ask yourselves would you do business with them?

More detailed info can be found at ACN MLM networking business.

ACN Australian Communication Network versus Peter Bowditch.

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