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ACN and other Multi Level Marketing Companies

01/08 - Juice, no qualifications??? Any product based company, you have to maintain monthly qualifications.

No begging, that's laughable. Let's see, juice, which is probably ever only going to be consumed by a very small fraction of people that have to be convinced of the benefits of Anti-Oxidant rich blueberry juice, versus all the other health based mlm juices and products out there.

Let's contrast a blueberry juice company with ACN. Blueberry juice versus offering people services they already use, in every facet. Not only does everyone use telecom, including 5-95 years olds, but they pay the bill without even thinking about it.

This isn't coming from the fact that I'm in ACN, it comes from the fact that ACN just makes sense. It's got to be one of the easiest ways to make money.

You're having fun asking your family to commit to buying a blue berry juice for $60.00 bucks a you had to convince them to spend outside of what they already were budgeting for.

Okay, go ahead and keep asking people to buy your juice that they already haven't budgeted for. I'll stick to telecom, people have already budgeted for that.

ACN Articles about the ACN Advantage

01/08 - Success from Home 2007 April Edition states Spencer has made no less than 15K since he did that in his 3rd month in business. By his 3rd year, he made his first million. Go read it.

180 TC's is at a minimum of 300 customers per TC is 540,000 customers. Average bill of lets say 35 a month. Thats about 1.89 million billed monthly. If you only consider that he is making .015% of that, it is 28,350 monthly.

Now, we also know he is a top 10 producer which means he is probably in the 500+ QTT's per month. I know people who barely cracked the top20 with 200+ QTT' put it in perspective.

Now, even with your negativity, I am sure you can work a calculator.

Did you know that Debbie Davis has 1Million customers? Amazing.

ACN Forum Discussions

01/08 - You are making money on others hard work not all of who are making money themselves. You need to keep the thing rolling and replacing reps who drop off and preventing more from leaving. Actually it is good to have opposing views on this forum, it makes for healthy discussion.

Yes I am sure you are making some money out of this system, often early adopters or promoters at the top of MLM companies do ! It is the balance of people, the majority – the workers who seem to fall over trying to find the vision you refer to.

ACN promote the vision of residual income. What would be nice if you disclosed just how many reps have left the organisation. I literally know of hundreds of them. All of whom have paid to join and paid to attend meetings and the huge amount of time they have invested.

I am acutely aware that nothing good comes easy. But the American style sales hype, doesn’t allow for any criticism, which is un-Australian.

The retention rate of Rep’s is dismal . When you consider that Reps pay to join, have to keep paying to stay joined, pay for back office reporting, pay for attending meetings, and invest a huge amount of time, the return is for many , many people is hopeless.

Does ACN work?

Why should I use a video phone over using MSN Video messenger. Its free?

Its 100% portable, only needs a high speed internet, not MSN, not a webcam, not a compatability check on your computer, not windows os, not a computer.

Works as a standard phone, and in the case of ACN, will power your other phones, video messaging, voicemail, unlimited calling, 911 support,

ACN Leadership in Action

It just goes to show that ACN will protect the company's integrity no matter what, and if it means it has to terminate one of it's top producing COC RVPs then it will. I am proud to be in the company even if it means they terminated my former RVP.

Timm Herr was thrown out of the Company, his leaving was NOT his choice.


01/08 - There is nothing wrong with a juice company. I, personally, am in a product company and loving it. It certainly depends on the compensation plan and the type of product though.

After reviewing the compensation plan of Kyani and getting pitched on it several times by former ACN reps, I can say there are people making money. But its because they changed the compensation plan to be "ACN like"

Residual is lacking (in my opinion, because its a matrix plan) but there are big bonuses to be made from the upfront openline bonuses and after reviewing several backoffices, that's certainly the case.

ACN Compensation Plan Changes

01/08 - The biggest change is to ETT = 5 - 5 - 5. The qualifying TT's no longer have to be frontline, but at ANY level.

Qualification Changes – Effective February 1 st

* Team Trainers can qualify with 5 Points, including at least 2 Preferred Customers. Preferred Customers must be either different services or the same service from different households. Click here for details on “preferred” versus “other” customers.

* Plus, The Your Business Assistant Tool (which includes Downline Reporting, a Distributor Website, free conference calling and a subscription to ACN All Access Pass) will now count as 1 Point toward qualifications.

* To qualify as an Executive Team Trainer, you must be a qualified TT with 1 qualified TT in 2 separate legs at ANY level.

* Executive Team Leaders can qualify with 10 Points, plus one ETT in 3 separate legs at any level.

Preferred Customers – 2 Points Each
Bundled Local and Long Distance
Digital Phone Service with Video Phone
Wireless – new accounts (individual or air card)
Satellite TV

Long Distance = 1 Point
Digital Phone Service with ATA = 1 Point
DSL = 1 Point
Dial-Up Internet – commission only
Digital Phone Service Family Plan = 1 Point per line (limit 4 lines per primary account)
Wireless Extensions = 1 Point
Wireless Family Plan (2-3 lines) = 1 additional Point
Wireless Family Plan (4-5 lines) = 2 additional Points
Wireless Add-A-Line (1-2 lines) = 1 Point
Wireless Add-A-Line (3-4 lines) = 2 Points
ACN Your Business Assistant = 1 Point

ACN Phone Scam?

Integrity has nothing to do with blind commitment - that's faith. And with faith, there are still limits. If you ask any new Christian (or any new faithful person for any religion) if they would continue to progress closer to the pinnacle of their faith even if it required harming their relationships or those in relationships with them, most of them would say "hell no".

"Seeing something through" is never too much to ask, unless of course you have to do things that you never thought you would have to.

This whole argument isn't about ACN being somehow flawed, or even it being a scam - it is about the fact that ACN's 'hardcore' representatives deliberately abuse human nature for their own benefit whether they know it or not, and are assisted directly by rules that they themselves set up.

The system is designed for people to drop out. If it was designed with emphasis on personal success, and offered true benefits for short term work as well as long term commitment, my opinion would be different. But, it stands, just as ACN's business policies stand.

ACN Company Scam

I came here after I answered a perfectly legitimate-looking ad for a regular type of job posted on a legitimate online job board. This began a series of emails back and forth wherein the prospector refused to reveal any real details, until finally he did mention ACN.

So the perception I now have of ACN includes unethical practices such as:

- Misleading initial presentation of the "opportunity".
- Withholding of relevant details until a candidate can be thoroughly recruited (I'd say brainwashed).
- Misrepresentation of "good money easy/fast" when the the statistical/mathematical probability is very low.
- Relentless recruiting knowing full well that the vast majority of people will not succeed.
- Charging each "most likely will fail" candidate $500 for the privilege.
- Not telling candidates that the only way to succeed will be to become a demon salesperson.
- Downplaying the potential negative outcome of the someone having to bother all his friends and family.

American Communication Network Scam?

02/08 - This whole approach to the possibilities of a hedonistic "happy" lifestyle is one of the problems flying in the face of popular culture now, and has been for quite a while.

Mind you I'm not a fervent Bible-thumper, so hedonism to me is a bit different. Hedonism is disregard for the feelings of others for one's own pleasure and personal gain, directly or not.

Nobody is "right" in this debate, just like there's not any one fully true religious point of view or belief system. There are three types of people in the world: the people who wait in line for their cake, the ones that steal it, and the ones that learn to bake.

The first kind are never happy, since they don't get what they think they deserve. The second kind are happy for now, but suffer after inevitability brings down their stolen happiness.

The third kind (me included) instead focus on making a batch of happiness and spreading it around, maybe selling some while they're at it. ACN glorifies the goals of the second group, the thiefs, by presenting "the good life" as attainable to everyone through ACN.

The wise consumer stays away from MLMs because of their notorious (don't deny it) reputation. The vast majority of people that the recruitment campaign rhetoric focuses on are gullible, bored, frustrated, impulsive, and generally weak people, which I think is one of the purest ironies on earth.

ACN reps never cease their rhetoric of "strong leadership, strong teamwork, strong morals", yet 95% (or whatever the failure rate is) are not the people being looked for.

Thinking Bad Things About ACN

Although I'm with Lightyear, I have to agree with FYL on this one. I think the reason some have an issue with paying $400, $500, etc. is because they think that they are actually buying into a job instead of a business.

I would have problems with that too if that were the case but it's not. Companies like ACN, Lightyear, 5linx, etc are real businesses with all of the benefits of a traditional company. If the business was $50.00 to join, some would not get involved if they didn't see value in it.

So $500 really is peanuts if you know like we know that this is indeed a real and profitable business.

As far as someone not joining a company because of what they've read on a scam board really is odd because personally I would do more indepth research than this and also I have to understand that in any company, traditional or non-tradional you will have your bad apples.

ACN Marketing System Story

Money is not as important as oxygen,” says Gabriel Lullo, smiling. “But it sure ranks right up there! Am I right?”

Lullo looks like Christian Bale, with slicked-back black hair and a power suit. The room in the Amherst Marriott is cold, accented by chandeliers and a digital projector and screen taking up room at the front. In the audience are about 30 people, old, young, black and white, anxiously listening to Lullo tell them how they can become rich the easy way.

“I’ve been able to do this, acquire two BMWs, and live a lifestyle that’s awesome,” he says.

All he had to do was convince hundreds of people that a company called American Communications Network (ACN) was the opportunity of a lifetime, and not a business scheme designed to make suckers out of hopeful people.

“We’re kickin’ like fried chicken!” yells John Seppo, an ACN regional vice president (RVP), continuing a presentation that’s a bit like a 3 a.m. TV infomercial crossed with a rousing sermon. Seppo tells the crowd of potential recruits that doubters helped him—by providing motivation. Do anything to get people to say yes, he says—call them in the middle of the night if they resist.

“Do you think you are going to move up to RVP, SVP, or TC by playing by the rules? Recruit like a storm!” he bellows to the snowstorm-recovering crowd, some of them probably still without power.

On campus, the presence of various “moneymaking opportunities” like ACN or Cutco cutlery is flyered on the walls. “Work for Students” is written on class chalkboards all over campus. A man in a shirt and tie with slicked-back hair has spoken outside the Generation office for the past few weeks, offering students big money opportunities for little time and work.

It’s easy to get excited when someone tells you stories of living a life of luxury. But once you start asking questions and trying out ACN’s suggested sales pitches on everyone in your phone book, it quickly becomes clear that what Lullo described on stage won’t work for everyone.

He says the company sells phone services—long distance, local, DSL, etc. He says that for $500 you can buy into your dream job.

But once you wade through all the jargon, it’s clear that what your $500 has purchased is the incentive to badger other people into giving Lullo’s company $500 too.

No matter how many times Lullo and his disciples mention that the business was praised by Donald Trump, it doesn’t change the basic dynamic. What you are really selling—the real product—is your friends. Your neighbors. Anyone you can drag into the company’s embrace.

A ‘Pyramid Scheme’?

Experts have a name for businesses set up this way: pyramid schemes. Though ACN’s practices are not technically illegal under United States or New York State laws, they still prey on people who are not aware of the business structure’s relentless mathematical implausibility, said Robert FitzPatrick.

A business fraud expert and co-author of False Profits, FitzPatrick said the company’s representatives can try to deflect the label, but the bottom line is that “ACN is what you would call a pyramid selling scheme.”

FitzPatrick is also head of Consumer Education Group (CEG), an advocacy group that focuses entirely on multilevel marketing firms like ACN. “The mass majority of people will never, ever make money at [ACN],” said FitzPatrick.

For FitzPatrick, there are three questions his group looks at in order to determine whether or not the business is a pyramid scam: how many people earn money, how they make it, and does it cause harm? For CEG, math is an easy way to prove a scam.

“You need 128 people before you start getting to a commission rate that makes any sense at all, because a quarter percent or one percent of somebody’s phone bill is pretty much worthless,” explains FitzPatrick. “But how many people can build a down-line like that? Well, if you need 128, then roughly one out of 129. Less then one percent can ever make money at this. In order to make money you need to have a large number of people below you. How many people can have a large number? Well, only a small number.”

Does ACN cause harm? According CEG, the answer is yes. Pyramid schemes are considered damaging because they deceive people and they result in a large number of people not only failing to make a profit, but never making their $500 back, FitzpPatrick says.

“How could a system work where each person is told to recruit two others? If everyone recruited two, by the time we got to the 32 level, the last group would be over six billion,” explains FitzPatrick. “So can it work for everyone? The answer is no. What ACN does is entice people with a false proposition—the endless chain. An endless chain by design can only ever allow a small amount of people to be successful. They tell you ‘everyone has the same opportunity,’ when, of course, they do not.”

A Success Story?

To hear Lullo tell his story, only effort separates everyone in the audience from a life of luxury. Lullo says he is a 25-year-old UB alumnus who got started in the business three years ago. He told the crowd he has moved up to become one of six “team coordinators” in Western New York. He receives commission on more than 4,000 phone services and has over 550 representatives beneath him.

It is at the Amherst Marriot hotel on Tuesday nights where ACN meets to introduce a novel opportunity to their new sales representatives. As ACN president Greg Provenzano says during their welcome video, “Someone thought enough about you to pass along this life changing information…don’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by.”

This opportunity, though, is offered to a room full of people who are already involved with ACN. Most people here are learning how to get more people involved in the company, sort of like a meeting of some college Christian groups.

Only instead of spreading the word of the Lord, they’re told to get other people in on a “business opportunity that even Donald Trump is endorsing.”

Representatives from the company are given a script to read to their friends in order to get them involved. It begins, “hello (name),” and features subtopics like “If they ask questions.” All answers lead one to appear at these Tuesday night meetings.

The company’s practices have not led it to be criminally charged in the United States. But civil charges have been brought against the Canadian and Australian branches of ACN for misleading marketing practices—in those countries, ACN was labeled a pyramid scheme. The company recruits their reps by selling the American dream, but hearing of pyramid schemes makes some second guess why they got their friends involved, and why they signed up at all.

ACN 101

After paying $500 to buy into ACN you officially gain the title of Team Trainer (TT), allowing you to sell the company’s product: phone services. By selling these services, you receive a commission and earn “residual income.” In this entry-level position, one quarter of one percent (0.25 percent) of services you sell comes back to you as commission. But that doesn’t amout to much money; sell the most expensive phone service ($38.95) to 100 customers, and you wouldn’t even make $10 a month.

It’s not the commission that makes representatives money. It’s the bonuses for recruiting and advancement within the first month that allows them to make their money back. When you sell seven phone points (one awarded for each service sold) and recruit two other people to pay $500 and become TTs below you with seven phone points each, you get named “Executive Team Trainer.”

That position is still one quarter of one percent, but includes an exclusive, first month only, bonus check of $700. In other words, you’ve made back your $500 investment plus $200 that month.

Let’s do the math: To get your $500 back, you have to get the company $1,000, in the form of two new recruits who paid the company $500 each. Plus you get a $200 “bonus.”

So, the company just paid you $100 each to get it two more people—each determined to get two more people themselves, to get their $500 back.

“That $700 is huge, it’s a promotion they’re running right now,” says Nick Novack, a senior chemistry major at the University at Buffalo who was temporarily with the company. “That is something they push and really make you believe that you can do. It’s more essential for you to add representatives than it is to add customers.”

It’s not until a representative reaches level six (growing exponentially, 95 TTs underneath them) that his commission rises to one percent. The company says that it really jumps up at level seven when an independent rep at ACN makes seven percent commission on all services sold by the reps, but only on that level.

‘Kickin’ Like Fried Chicken’

“They’re insane—they’re so full of energy, I haven’t been to anything I can compare it to,” Novack explains about the ACN meetings where representatives share their success stories. “They’re like rappers, running around showing you their watches, BMWs, Hummers, and then their pay stubs to show you where they got the money from.”

It is this type of recruiting strategy that has brought criticism and charges against ACN. In 2002, The Competition Bureau of Canada brought charges against ACN for recruiting “new participants by exaggerating income expectations without disclosing the income of a typical participant,” according to a press release at Instead of carefully breaking down sale and development strategies, they tend to mislead their representatives with energetic success stories of people making it big in the company, Canadian authorities said.

“The conference calls and seminars had nothing to do with sales strategies or tips. It was all stories of happy times to keep you interested in the company, my up-line told me this,” Novack explains, recalling the conversation he had with his recruiter, before he quit. “Apparently he underestimated my intelligence because he very clearly laid it out as a huge scam.”

In the Marriott conference room, there is no talk of scams.

“The reason why I’m so persuasive with ACN is because of what it has done for me. I tell good stories because it has completely changed my life financially,” explains Gabriel Lullo. “My mom was working two jobs, now she doesn’t have to anymore. I was working three, now I don’t have to anymore.”

Residual income allows this lifestyle, their promotional videos say, which is, simply, hard work today for commissions for life. This idea provides the benefit of not working on an hourly wage, or “dollars for hours” as Lullo describes it.

Lullo insists he’s not trying to “sell” anyone the company or make money off of them and that they are merely helping others. “I’m not trying to persuade you to get in. I am trying to persuade you to think differently because it’s a scary world out there and a lot of people aren’t prepared.”

Running a scheme is the last thing Lullo would call it. “A pyramid scheme is anybody who is marketing an opportunity to make money without selling services or products. I don’t know if you heard—Donald Trump is now endorsing this company. It’s impossible to run a pyramid scheme for more than a year. We’ve been running for 14 years in 18 countries. Pyramid schemes are illegal, but it’s a common misconception because we are constantly looking for people.”

Still, according to Lullo, only one third of the people he works with become Executive Team Trainers, thus making their money back.

ACN 1, Friends 0 (Final)

For every success story ACN tells, there seems to be another student with a negative reaction. FitzPatrick’s team has received many complaints about the company.

“Most complaints are not from students, but from parents of students,” tells FitzPatrick, “and some of them are quite desperate.”

FitzPatrick believes that it is a telltale sign of pyramid schemes to cause close relationships to fall apart. “Here we have friends, classmates, or relatives literally preying upon one another and in a scheme that will result with a majority, a large majority loosing money. That is pretty damaging to friendship,” FitzPatrick says. “Apart from schemes causing a large amount of people to lose money, it will also have the effect of alienating people from one another, destroying friendships, risking family and friend relationships in a very predatory way.”

Novack experienced these types of effects first hand. “I had customers already and one person underneath me. I could have stayed involved and just made money off his success, but I really don’t want to be a part of this. I don’t like the nature of the business,” Novack says. “There are more important things than money.”

A junior biomedical sciences major who wished her name be withheld had a friend like Novack. “She joined at the end of last semester and was really into it—it became her whole life.” The junior described her experience with her friend, who had become a completely different person. “She started calling everyone she hadn’t seen in years, and when I told her I wasn’t interested, she said she wanted me to see it. ‘It’s a part of me now,’ she said.”

The junior’s friend even found a new boyfriend who was higher up in ACN’s hierarchy.

“The more and more I pursued this, the more respect I could see I was losing from my friends,” said Novack. “I apologized to my friends and family and told them I was sorry for wasting their time.”

Promoting ACN

02/08 - Network marketing, allows someone with no qualifications, to earn ridiculous money. Show me one job, without a college degree, where that is possible. It is extremely rare, however, less rare in network marketing.

I heard Shane Douglas say once that 430,000 people join network marketing every week. You have your work cut out for you.


I put it to you again, that network marketing in fact allows 5% or less to earn ridiculous money, while preying on the vast majority, many of whom don't make anything close to a living.

ACN Marketing

With MLM, you're not spending nearly as much to start your business as you would a traditional business, so most people don't take it as seriously. I've seen people get started and tell their sponsor all of these great intentions they have for their businesses, and yet never talk to one single person.

I've seen people who organize and print documents and write lists, etc, who never actually go out and do the work that will bring in money (acquiring customers and customer-getters). I've seen people build large businesses only to have life later get in the way so they focus on other things. and still others realize that MLM just isn't for them, so they quit.

Just because most people quit MLM after they start does NOT mean it's a $cam. But if we're going to be fair about this.... if MLM is a $cam because 90% of people who enter into it fail, then traditional businesses are also $cams because 90% of the people who start those will fail.

ACN Bad According to One Person

02/08 - Is ACN "good". Maybe for some. Maybe some people can do it without becoming self-serving, money-hungry, you're-not-my-friend-unless-you-do-ACN type of person. But that's not my experience.

One final note: ACN-John was attempting to recruit co-workers, and one was "definitely NOT interested". ACN-Jill said, "Well, I guess you know who your REAL friends are".

When you start to define a "friend" by whether they "help you out" with ACN, you have lost your soul.

ACN Psycho Babble

Those with small dreams, often don't understand the actions of those with Big dreams, and vice versa.

Now if they are insulting and/or offending family because of gross errors in judgment, and rude behavior: that needs to stop. But also, some people just get jealous, because they dont have the guts to live out their dreams, and have become content with their situation(and becoming content is ok, if thats what that person chooses to do),

However they sometimes hold resentment against those that are excited about something, and willing to go after it.

Many who havent succeeded BIG in life have never had an obsession about something.

ACN Upline Lives Off Downline

Apparently lots of MLMs are a structured business niche in which impulsive, overly-ambitious, cocky, self-important people can flourish, and level-headed, humble, and selfless people are punished.

Humanity is infinitely more important than commercial practicality or a business opportunity, which is an oversight which seems to plague all of the "elite" that you so proudly claim to be part of.

Is ACN Real?

02/08 - I met a lot of TC's who SAID they were making 30K a month. 90% of them were lying. i've known a number of rvp's who weren't making that. the thing you have to realize is that they might make a certain amount ONCE, maybe even show people the checks and then make it seem like it's only up from there.

but it's not. for most people that first month after a promotion is the biggest month they will have untill they hit the next one. it's not a salary folks. as for "doing the math"- let's see, 30K one month plus 5k for 11 months.... i'm coming up a little short on 300k.

i think it's great that you have so much respect and trust for and in your upline. maybe for you, it's true. but you really can not believe everything, or almost anything you hear when it comes to the $ they are making. Almost everyone exaggerates.

acn personal development
acn wealthbuilders
mlm comp plan breakage
acn long term residual

ACN Income May Not Match ACN Millionaires

03/08 - Why is it that people look at what others are making & assume they're going to make that much? There are people in this company that make nothing & people that make millions.

The only guarantee is that if you do nothing you will make nothing. Its all based on performance. This is not like a traditional job where you can clock in, slack off & do nothing when you're boss isnt looking & know you're still gonna make that same amount.

The compensation plan & T-CAB sheet state exactly what you have to do to earn pay. If you do it they pay out.

What I like most about this type of business is that it's the computer that promotes you. This means that race doesnt matter, religion doesnt matter, background doesn't matter, you dont have to kiss ass to get a promotion.

Once you do what is required as stated on the compensation plan the computer automatically flips you to that position. As you move up your income goes up as well. If you never ever get any customers at all you will make nothing.

So the question should not be how much do we make, but how much do you plan on making because you're the one that ultimately decides that, not me.

ACN Network Marketing Company

03/08 - In MLM, you get a percentage of all of your downline's customer's bills (revenue).. so when you introduce the business to someone and they join, you're not creating competition, you're creating another income stream.

That person is going to get customers that you may not have otherwise gotten had they not been your business partner, and sometimes, depending on the comp plan and level the customer falls on, you may get paid more for your rep getting that customer than you would've had you gotten them yourself.

ACN Customers Key to Longevity

Just for the record ACN is built on customers, our revenue comes mainly from customers

Over the last 3 years ( so no one can say we are picking 1 good year ), about 90 % of our total revenue comes from customers, NOT RECRUITING.

That is why we are still here after 15 years.

ACN Independant Representative

The more information I try to find about ACN, the more independent agents I encounter. I don't see ACN listed in any credible publications.

I went to a seminar for ACN and I was told that "most people don't understand our business model until after they have had some experience".

This remark is an absurdity and I found it insulting that my concerns were merely dispatched as ignorance.

ACN Market Saturation

03/08 - There will never be market saturation because people will keep jumping from one cell phone, landline, digital phone, internet (and, whatever else product/service) provider to the next. Our job, as network marketers, is to grab as big a piece of that market as we can.

No network marketing company in history has ever achieved market saturation.

Is ACN a Fraud?

04/08 - Any multi-level distribution programs which advertise "unlimited income opportunity" or "opportunity of a lifetime" are suspect since in reality, only a small percentage of investors have ever earned even a small profit.

It is therefore inherently deceptive unless full and accurate disclosure of net earnings is furnished to anyone solicited to participate.

ACN MLM Company Booming

ACN had it's largest quarter in history last quarter and I have never seen more success or momentum.

And the amount of money being made is obscene.

Truth About ACN

05/08 - I had 1,300 reps on my team, over 5,000 customers, and my monthly residual was only $465 per month. I had 47 points, so I was getting the full 7th level residual, however all my production was outside of my 7th level.

In Network Marketing, you must build deep to have a solid organization, however I was making no residual outside my 7th level. Even when I hit 3 star RVP, I get 1% residual on my entire team. the requirement for billing volume to be a 3 star RVP is $50,000 per month.

What is 1% of $50,000, only $500. It is very difficult for almost anyone to hit RVP, but then they MUST maintain it, which 75% of them do not.

Spencer Hunn has over 25,000 reps on his team, but only 10 RVP's and some of them are in grace period because they can not maintain the position, which means they will drop back down to TC and lose infinity residuals.

After 2 years of hard work to almost get there and only make an increase of $500 per month in residual, it is not worth it.

More detailed info can be found at ACN MLM networking business complaints.

ACN Australian Communication Network versus Peter Bowditch.

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