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American Communications Network

The reason I like ACN is I think it is a solid company with GREAT leadership. that is the most important thing in a company to me is Who is running the company. The opportunity will always change, Long Distance, Pagers, Local, Internet, Digital, Video Phones, and whatever future inventors can think of next.

Leadership to me is the best way to judge a company, Comp Plans change, services come and go. all that stuff can be made better.

Former ACN Rep Laments Experience

I was in the same boat, not near as many customers or reps, but felt like I was working so hard and making so little in residuals.

I found it was easier to start my own business and not worry about getting every friend and family member I had involved. Enjoyed my time with ACN, but had to move on for my sanity and the sanity of my wife.

ACN Multi Level Marketing

It is a known fact that most people in network marketing don't even earn enough to cover their monthly expenses associated with the company.

These days, if you're not serious about working your tail off, then you're probably better off not even signing up for a network marketing company no matter how dazzling the opportunity may seem.

Success in ACN

09/08 - The poster who had 1300 reps and was pulling in $465/mo is evidence of this. In any other business, you have 1300 reps selling ANY widget actively, youre a rich man. With an MLM, because those 1300 reps arent signing up 1300 more reps, he's not making any money.

Any business in business only to sign up more businesses to sign up more businesses, is not a legititimate business, its a Pyramid.

And the failures, the ones deemed "Losers" are usually the ones who couldnt sign up more people, ran out of friends, or own morality kicked in.

Another type of "Loser" would be the one who is among the many last to sign up and find there just isnt anymore people to sign up, or market saturation.

This is why the government outlawed Monetary Only Pyramids many years ago. Its only because the Scammers setting up these MLM's attach a product to it, it is now a Legal Pyramid and why the product hardly ever matters.

Donald Trump Endorses ACN

Billionaire endorsed mega-trend. The Video Phone will completely replace landlines in less than a decade.

ACN Pyramid Scam

09/08 - MLM Scam,

1. Outrageous earnings claims! As the people claiming this to see a copy of their pay stubs. I guarantee if they are making the kind of money they say that they are it will only add to the sales presentation to show you. (I have showed people checks from my business when asked)

Don't let them pull your chain with privacy or taxation issues either. If they are gettign those checks then they are gettign 10-99 to the IRS so its no secret, and they can't tout privacy either as they just told everyone at the presentation the number so showing you is just backing it up.

2. My friend 3 times removed Success:

This one is a typical with practically every MLM Sometimes the guys are doing the presentation talk about the guys who isn't here at the meeting, maybe hes in Cabo San Lucas this week or Mexico next week.

This may be true but keep attending meetings without joining and see if the same excuse keeps popping up. Anyday now the guy that makes $(Insert Dollar Amount Here) is going to be here he cant make it tonight for (Insert Excuse here)

One MLM group I joined had a rotating excuse line for those people that couldnt make it tonight and the excuses actually just rotated and people were buying it !!!!

3. Retired Member Success.

This is the latest RED flag so and so can be here tonight because he made so much money he retired? Really? He retired then he would have no problem putting his acheivements in writing personally right?

Most MLMS have guys like that in their arsenal but the guy that makes all this money isn't willing to put it in writing, you have to ask yourself why? The answer is simple it isn't true unless they put it in writing don't believe it you see if he puts it in writing he can be put in Jail for fraud and fined by the SEC if he's lying.

But if he really gets say $30k a month from doing the (Insert MLM of your choice) then why wouldn't he gladly put his name on the earnings claim? It would only result in more signups and more people in his downline and more money for himself.

4. Paid Speakers

Watch out for this scam Amway (No Quixtar) has been exposed for this repeatedly. It turns out the guys on stage pitching this and that and telling you the buckets of cash they make are PAID speakers to peddle signups.

Some of them make claims of $700k a year earnings in the MLM they are representing but what they don't tell you is that the money they claim they make from the MLM is actually 90% to 100% from the speaking engagements and none from the very business opportunity they are selling !!!! Very sleazy indeed but they real the SHEEPLE in by the dozens with that tactic.

5. Celebrity Endorsements

Big red flag, VERY BIG RED FLAG, A big celebrity (i.e. Donald Trump, Robert Allen etc...) endorce the company so it must be a good opportunity, but as an independent Rep? Or an investor in their stock?

If they never make it quite clear then its a scam. Sure they talk up the company and how much money its making, sure theyre numbers may be factual but is the celebrity endorser doing the MLM opportunity he/she is endorsing or are they being paid for their endorsement? Or are they stockholders?

Sure If I won WalMart Stock I might be srpeading the word about how great they are, becuase more money to them makes me richer but it doesnt mean you should go work for wall mart.

6. No Time Needed !!!

This one is common for practically every MLM,why with only 2 hours a week you can build your business to $500k a year really? You Can? Everyone should be doing this or so the pitch says.....

I have met people that are successful in MLM's so don't think im a non beleiver in MLM marketing but the fact is every Successful MLMer works very hard sometimes 20 to 30 hours a week, if you are talking to the guy that is the man making the cash ask him really what kind of work he is doing and you can bet to match his success you will need to do the same.

7. Rules That Never Change

This one is the silent killer in MLM programs, Ive known several MLMers that started in something (Even Myself) Even started making money in the MLM business and then the company starts changing the rules and cutting back compensation plans, and moving the carrot firther and further away.

This is very common among MLM's because they really don't have anything in writing that the compensation plan won't change. The argument they give you is why would we change it? We want to encourage you to work hard and changing the compensation plans makes it so you won't want to.

This is bull crap of its purest forms ALL Mlms change their compensation plans and they all wind up with the same results less money in your and more money in theirs.

If they wont put a guaranteed commission structure that never changes in place then why should you build a business that they can literally take away anytime they want?

8. The Product Sells itself !!!

It does wow? So why do you need me then? An Ipod sells itself and that is why Apple just puts it in every store in america. the don't need MLM to sell Ipods becuase they sell themselves.

Word of mouth spreads for them and they sell lots, Im not saying some MLMS don't have terrific products but i've never seen one that sold itself.

Their is always salesmanship involved so if you suck at sales youll probably suck at doing MLM.

9. Everyone already has one so have them buy yours instead.

This one was used by Amway for years. You already buy lanudry soap right? so buy our instead and get paid money back. Get your friends to do the same and you can retire. Sounds good doesnt it?

I even bought in on that program until you dig deeper. What I was spending on the producst bought at the retail store was less than what I could buy them for wholesale out of the catalog. Oh sure they compare themselves to the top billing brand in every category to make you think your saving money but when you switch the brand #2 or # 3 or lowere your not saving a penny in fact in many case you are paying 125% or more.

I found very few products that Amway sold that were actually cheaper than what I was already paying. For premium brand comparison yeah I could save but I am a bargain shopper so that strategy went out the window for me.

I am not picking on Amway Quixtar in particular many other MLMS shovel this particular BS Story to their potential signups but the real savings are hardly ever realized.

10. Startup Costs (Intial Investment) & Annual Fees:

What do you really get in these startup kits? Most of the time less than $20.00 in stuff, I signed up for one MLM that had a $700.00 dollar startup packet and the material would cost less than $20.00 to make photocopies of in Kinkos.

BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE of this scam most of the time this is the only point that and MLM company really pays out on. For example each guy you sign up you get $200.00 and x% of their sales etc..... (the starting % is usually so miniscule that unless you get to a really high level it won't get close to your annual renewal fee)

For example I paid $700.00 to the MLM company I am thinking of right now and the next guy I got to sign up I got $350.00 and his packet had the same $20.00 worth of stuff in it. so where did that moeny go? That is the only real money going to downlined in most MLMS and let me tell you why.

Whithout going into specifics let me give you a base example. Let say the startup fee is $500.00 They are paying you $25% the guy that referred you $20% and the next guy %10 and the next 5 Guys above you 5% thats like 80% leaving $100.00 left over and my guess is that breaks out something like this.

Cost of Startup Kit $20.00 3rd Party distribution company $ 20.00 and accountign shipping etc. another $10.00 leaving a nice $50 profit to the MLM company (a Nice 10% profit margin for them) Then you sell the product to your downline or your downline consumes the product and they pay you a percentage but like i said it is almost always minsicule in comparison until you have tons of people in your downline and thats where the annual fee comes in.

Say a $200.00 annual renewal fee (Ive heard this compared to a business licence fee or franchise fee as a justification for the annual charge) The dirty little secret of the MLM industry is that this fee is used to scare you away rather than keep you in. YOu see once you sign up every one you know (Which is where 95% or higher of where most MLMers wind up stopping)

The monthly checks you get don't equal the annual revenue you get from the company so you quit and the company gets to keep your customers and all the commissions. In many cases they drop your downline from the person who referred you and the upline isn't even aware as the accountign records etc.... are always vague and ambiguous they way they report.

10.5. Continuing Education !!!!!

The last bastion of the MLM company is the continuing education module. Read your fine print about the education many MLM companies can drop you if you don't keep up on their events etc.... Some MLMS charge for this education as well (Another thing to keep your commission check coming right back to them, hey youve got to spend money to make money right?)

Continuing education usually provides very little new information and is usually an announcement of a change in commission structure (See above #7) They usually are power packed with feel good music and speakers (See above) and success storeis (See above) funny how failing to continually educate will get you booted but the events don't seem to have the guys in them that have "Retired" or making unbeleivable buckets of cash.

In closing please understand this is not an indictment of MLM's but rather a cautionary tale and advisory plan for you. As a rule I would say don't sign up the first night and INVESTIGATE, INVESWTIGATE, and INVESTIGATE, and then when you are done INVESTIGATE some more.

then if you still feel good about it do it and have fun their is a lot of money to be made in MLM just make sure you do it with both eyes WIDE OPEN.

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ACN Average Income

09/08 - As a TC with 1,300 reps on my team and over 5,000 customers, my residual was only through 7 levels, which was $465/month. I had $78,000 in monthly billing volume, which is great, but when you hit 3 star RVP, your residual is only an extra 1% infinity, which was $780/month.

My total residual ($465 + $780) would of only been $1,245 per month as a RVP. Horrible! That is not walk away income! When I look at Spencer Hunn's ACN team (team I was on), he has over 25,000 reps on his team, but only 10 RVP's. That is 10 out of 25,000.

It is extremely hard to get to RVP with those numbers and when you get there, the residual is exactly as mentioned above. Mine would of been $1,245 per month! That is it! Then you have to maintain it your position, 70% of all TC's and RVP's can NOT maintain their position because of the fallout rate.

I was a Presidents Club member, consitently putting in 20 qualified reps in per month, but my monthly billing volume kept dropping every month. I was unable to recoup the customer that were leaving ACN monthly.

I just checked my ACN downline report, which I havent done for 8 months and it shows the following: Not one person has joined since I left in January, I now have only 1,068 reps (down from 1,346), 2,900 customers (down from 5,216). Total Monthly Billing Volume is $46,963 down from $78,000+. I would of lost my RVP status because all 8 of my TC's left ACN.

My former upline RVP in ACN told me something very interesting. At the Costa Rica Retreat back in April 2007, George Zalucki had 43 RVP's in his organization in June 2006, but only 27 RVP's in Sept. 2007.

He and his partner are still doing tons of presentations daily, even after 10 years. At what point can you have walk away income and not work anymore. They are back in the trenches trying to build what was lost. This will always be a ongoing issue in ACN


I have no idea what you did to structure your business so poorly, but what I see is a completely different experience in my group. I will share wiht you ACTUAL figures that I can document to anyone desiring to sit down and view them.

Rep 1

I have a rep who is ETT and has 1,076 long distance customers and made $1,968.72 last month. The same rep has 694 mobile customers and made $1,443.35. His total check last month was $4,145.18 on less than 2,000 customers. Why the difference? No idea, you must have built it poorly.

Rep 2

I have a rep who is TT and has 706 long distance customers and made $1,702.84 last month. The same rep has 438 mobile customers and made $1,076.25. Her total check last month was $3,474.99 on less than 1,500 customers. Why the difference?

I can document case after case after case of staggering residual income.

Even a Billionaire has endorsed us.

ACN MLM Opportunities

11/08 - No one should expect to walk away as soon as they hit 3 star RVP! How many years do people put into a career before they retire? The point is to build momentum, to the point that your residual is growing every month.

Build leaders upon leaders, and this will happen. Obviously part of the reason that your team died is because of you. It shows that you didn't have real leaders on your team, and everyone was following only you.

And when you quit, they will too. I don't know if there's a business out there that you can build for two years and expect to have walk-away residual income.

Unless you were some mega-super star. That is just short term mentality. ACN is a 3-5 year plan (or as Mike Maiser says on the DVD, 4, 5, 7 years). The benefits are HUGE for those who stick with it. Unfortunately, there are just too many who are looking for a quick buck.

It's like pushing a boulder up a hill. If you quit before you get to the top, it will roll back over the top of you. But if you keep pushing it until you reach the peak, you can let go and it will roll on its own. You quit too soon.

And I'm not sure what you mean by fallout rate. We have many, many people who have quit along the way, and it has barely affected our position. Those are the people who never really did much anyway, and their customers stay put. Even if they don't renew their position.

ACN Company Growth

11/08 - The company did about 12,000 reps as a company last month. At mid-month we are at 10,000+ already. It's record month after record month for us.

ACN Telecommunications

11/08 - A few things. The video phone is free. It is a regular phone, and the quality far, far, far surpasses Skype. To get that kind of quality, you would have to buy a very expensive webcam.

You don't have to have any software, and you don't have to "arrange" the call ahead of time. You can just pick up the phone and call. You can set it up in any room that has a plug-in, even if there's no internet there (bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc).

It's about quality and convenience. You can also plug it right into a TV screen or a projector. You don't have to be tech-savvy to do that. You don't even need the computer, so if you're staying at a hotel, you can just hook it up to the high speed and make a call.

Here's a good analogy: you could set up your laptop in the car, with a power inverter, and play DVD's for the kids. You could somehow strap it down or have them hold it on their laps. It would be a little extra work, but it wouldn't cost you any more since you already have your laptop. But wouldn't it just be easier to get a portable DVD player? People pay for convenience.

Video communication is something people enjoy. So we just took that concept and integrated it in with a phone (which people are already paying for, btw) to make it better and easier.

Why wouldn't you want to swap out your plain old phone for one where you can see the person you're talking to? It just makes sense. And most the people I have run into go ga-ga over the video phone, but have never even attempted Skype. I think the perception is that that is for techy people.

American Communications Network Scam

11/08 - Going around asking all your friends and family to do you a big favor is not how you make it in business. Is this how the captains of industry made their millions?

ACN makes its money from selling opportunities to sell opportunities, NOT from selling a product. Unfortunately, they prey on poor people; people without marketable job skills or education.

They (ACN) are actually the "dream stealers." People who tell you ACN is a scam are trying to do you a favor. Over 98% of the people who get involved lose money. I'm sorry, this is the truth.

Get out while you can and develop some skills that will get you an entry-level position somewhere and work your way up. You'll be much happier and useful to society that way.

People who re-sell communications products or ill-fated opportunities to build wealth to their friends and family have very little value to their fellow man.

ACN Multilevel Marketing

I'm not trying to talk you into doing MLM if you don't think it's right for you. It's definitely not right for everyone.

I'm just saying that if you see the value in the business model, there probably is a company out there that IS right for you, whether it be in telecom, nutrition, or something else.

The important thing is finding a product/service that you would tell people about whether you get paid for it or not, coupled with a comp plan that pays well and FAIR. Leadership is also very important as well.

ACN Phone Company

11/08 - I think VoIP (and Videophone, which works through VoIP) would provide the greatest value for those who get their internet through cable, like I do.

Since I don't have to have a landline phone to get internet service, I can simply have a VoIP line with unlimited local and long distance for around $30 a month (after taxes and all that), which is much cheaper than having a landline and adding unlimited long distance and all of the extras to the plan.

As for those who have DSL internet, there are still some advantages to VoIP (and videophone).. for instance, you can pick your phone number (or numbers, you can get more than one) by area, which means if you live in Texas but have a bunch of relatives in PA who you talk to frequently, you can pick a number with a PA area code local to your family, and they can call you without being charged long distance charges (because the number is local).

Also, if you decide to move somewhere else, your number won't change. It's programmed into a VoIP modem box, and you can take your phone number with you wherever you go simply by taking the box with you. Even on vacation. It's actually really neat. The advantages to video phones, on top of the ones to VoIP, are obvious...

ACN Phone Service

The other option would be to get standalone dsl, which is available upon request in many areas. You could then ad voip. You could also reduce your landline down to a much lesser charge to a barebones, or you could get standalone cable internet (30bux in most markets) and go with voip.

The most ideal situation is someone who has voip already, or has the ability to get stand alone dsl (naked dsl) or wimax or cable internet.

Network Marketing ACN

The idea is to go out and get a handful of customers yourself and then build a team of people who also go out and get a handful of customers. This way everyone isn't trying to get hundreds of customers themselves.

Now you can go out and get hundreds of customers yourself if that's what you want to do, but the point is that you don't HAVE to do that... which I think is good.

ACN Independent Reps

11/08 - After Tim Herr got kicked out, Andre met with him to recruit him. Tim was paid $100,000. I think part of it was used to help him pay ACN back for all of those fake customers he created.

I'm sure Tim offered to pay the investment fee for his TCs with ACN to jump ship with him to 5Linx.

One of Tim's loyal TCs, tried to get me to jump ship to 5 Linx. He said that he would grandfather me in as the ETL equivalent (ED) with a grace period of 3 months to fulfill the actual requirements for the position.

He also said that he would pay the early termination bills of my ACN cellphone customers so they can easily go to 5 Linx's cell service. I'm not alone in this situation. A lot of my friends who were also with Tim's former ACN organization have this same story.

He really had no choice because he got kicked out for using and encouraging others to use gift credit cards to buy VoIPs.

Former ACN Employee Speaks Out

11/08 - While I am no longer in ACN, I was one of the many RVP's of ACN that have left the company.

I was up late last night reading page after page of this thread and found much of it very humorous and in some ways sad as so much information that is spouted off is so inaccurate.

I still get calls from people all the time wanting to get me "in" to other network marketing companies. Many of these calls come from other former RVP's and TC's or from members of my ACN downline.

I have turned down all offers, many which include special signing deals as a former ACN RVP. Coming in at an RVP equivalent position and many offering a lock on the position and with 5Linx with their coding set up (wish ACN had had that).

To product based companies such as Kyani and others. After seeing the truth of just how difficult it is, even for hard working, dedicated individuals to have success in this system, I could never personally recommend someone join ACN.

Unless you get lucky to the point of "winning the lottery" and having monster producers fall in to your legs, even as an RVP you have to constantly work your tail off to try to hold your position.

New reps were always told to sacrifice now to hit TC or RVP with momentum and production and then you will have a life beyond your dreams. This is so far from the truth. Most of the individuals that hit TC on my team were ruined financially as a result of their belief that ACN was the way and the answer.

More than a few actually lost their homes. But still were demonstrating the "fake it till you make it" outward appearance, making sure the new suit, watch and car they showed up in gave an appearance of living "the better life".

Many of the top RVP's and now SVP's were (and still in many cases still are) in a constant state of panic as they were always on the verge of falling out of position. The names of RVP's in this group would stagger ACN reps and that is why it was always a big secret nobody wanted to get out to the field.

Old Mr. Purge would come through and rip into your legs threatening monthly to take away your so called dream life income. LOL, if people only knew what the real incomes are.

I was always a "top producer", Eagle Club TC, 25 club member each month (an old club focused on open line production), Presidents Council Member, etc. The problem is that it really was just a job, as I was able to make Tcab bonuses consistently, but hardly anyone in my entire organization was able to make significant $$, even at the TC position.

If your people (leaders) are not able to create consistent success, you have a deck of cards, always in jeopardy of crashing down. Many of the RVP's would talk behind closed doors of how we were all just putting up a front and that in reality we were essentially just rearranging lounge chairs on top of the Titanic.

The number of forfeits that occur is staggering. Reps paying $499, talking with friends or family, getting blown out of the water with negativity, being past their cancel for refund date and becoming a vanishing individual that as we always joked were abducted by aliens.

They were nowhere to be found and that made it very difficult or even impossible to qualify these people in a way that was legal in ACN. So reps, needing to get paid, would compromise themselves, blur the lines of what is right and break ACN rules to make certain they would get their bonuses.

Putting customers under a rep in order to qualify a rep is strictly forbidden by the company, but it was commonplace. Many improper things were done that came to my attention in order to get paid on reps that were being abducted and MIA. These Forfeits (known as breakage-roll up profits to the company) are huge profit to the company.

When I do the math at literally how many millions of dollars went to the company over the years just in these $499 "donations" (just in my organization alone) it makes me sick. And then thinking about all the "top producing leaders" on my team that were financially devastated by the hype and believing this company would put us in a better financial position.

Everyone is striving to be a TC, then really an RVP. Thinking they will have arrived at the "promised land" and then the reality hits that the position does not mean big $$ unless there is huge production and qualification momentum there too.

So few TC's or RVP's even have the necessary momentum. As a regular member of these Eagle Club and Presidents Council calls, it was amazing how few top position holders actually had momentum.

Here is the big question, if it was really so great to be an RVP in ACN (and probably other similar companies as well) why have the majority of all RVP's left the company and gone to other companies or just out of mlm all together?

The number of ACN RVP's no longer with ACN is utterly STAGGERING. When I go through old quarterly magazines or top 10 lists of the top position, sometimes as high as 70-80% of the RVPs listed have moved on. It is not what it is projected to be.

I have heard since I left that the comp plan has been watered down to make it "easier" to hit RVP. When I hit RVP you needed 5 legs of TC's. Then reduced to 4 and now 3. I have been told there is now a 3 star and a 4 star position of RVP (3 star not getting all of the RVP bonuses, I believe). They promote RVPs on stage as an RVP now when the 3 tcs break.

I just met up with an old friend and current disgruntled RVP that has lost almost all of his working TCs to another company and realizes how many years of his life he has in his words "wasted" in ACN.

He couldn't believe I left when I did, but now fully understands as he went through the same emotional conclusion that has ripped at his heart strings that this RVP position and company is not the answer. This friend has made the decision to move on, out of mlm and to attempt another business venture.

ACN Reviews by Former Rep

I am here to give my honest thoughts and experiences of my many many years as an ACN rep and RVP. Whether people choose to believe is up to them and it will not hurt my feelings one iota if they do not.

For I know I am speaking the Gods honest 100% truth. I also believe that you know this as well. Obviously though, you are trying to do as much damage control on this site and elsewhere as you can, and I do understand why.

I find it funny that you want to know who I am but cannot dispute any of the truths that I broke down. I understand, change the subject, create diversions. We RVP's are oh so good at that, aren't we?

Why are so many RVP's gone, not a few here and there, but the vast majority of people that have hit the Pinnacle of Success in the company? Tough to answer, eh? Maybe we should talk about how many are pre-registered for the next event instead, LOL.

Anyone ever wonder why at every major event when they ask all the new people to stand why the number is so large in relation to the existing "money making" reps? Because everyone else has already toasted out. A new wave is brought in and then gone by the next event.

So it really does not matter Matt, which of the old RVP's I am. I can understand the difficulty in trying to figure it out as there are more RVP's that are gone than the ones that have hit the position and decided to stay.

And no, not the low producing RVPs either. Along with the lower producing ones are just as many Circle of Champion Members over the years. Would you like a list just off the top of my head? Probably not, huh? Probably would make damage control more difficult with a list of names that long.

That question from Shadowlife, the residual is ridiculous and pretty much a crock. It is ALL about the bonuses. Nobody, of course, wants to talk about this though as it takes away the pipe dream.

You have to be TC or RVP and you have to work work work and hope hope hope that your TCs stick around so you don't fall out of position. Few can accomplish this. Matt Rasmussen has and will continue to work very hard.

He has done very well by comparison to most RVP's. But he knows how fragile his position is as well, so he will remain on this site to belittle those giving less than a glowing view of reality. Otherwise a top producing big time money making, unworried about the future RVP wouldn't be wasting his time on such a site as this.

Why are DOZENS and DOZENS and DOZENS and DOZENS of RVP's gone? The TRUTH Matt? Because it is not what ANY of us thought it would be. The Money? no The Security? no The Time and LifeStyle? no. Many that I have talked with just got tired of living the LIE. Tired of the Fake it Till You Make It Mantra.

Nobody has to believe the Truths I am sharing, but for your own sake, before you are too deep in the pursuit of what you think you are striving towards, ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS.

Many years and heartbreak could have been saved by us RVPs of the past had we opened our eyes and wondered, WHERE HAVE ALL THEY GONE?

ACN Donald Trump Apprentice

It is the Apprentice. ACN will have its video phone promoted as one of the products on the show. Will be good publicity for ACN and its video phone. This is a carry over of the relationship with Trump.

Obviously ACN is paying Trump a great deal of money for this relationship and for his "promotion" of ACN. ACN invited all of its RVPs and many TCs to come participate in the viewing as the "live audience".

Of course, all of the RVP's and TCs paid for their trips out of pocket to New York but also were made to pay a fee of over $100 just to sit in and be part of the audience.

ACN MLM Training

The best money in ACN is earned by building a team of business partners or "stores" to sign up new customers. It will take you a year to sign up 1,000 new customers by yourself, yet there are peoples who's teams do that easily in a week or so.

In order to make 10% residual on your own customers (accounts you activate under your business ID) you will need to have $10,001.00 in billings monthly. That can be achieved fairly soon if you go after it like you say, but 10% of 10,001.00 is only a 1,000 dollars.

However, 10% of say 60,000 is about 6,000k a month. If you hooked up 1,000 new accounts each year, you would have billings of about 100,000 monthly on average, which would result in about 10,000 in residual income for you.

However, the residual on wireless is only for the life of the contract. Start pushing some of the other services, and your income could be astronomical!

Still, you will make more money if you build a team. Its like free money. Add more customers to the ones your gonna get too!

12/08 - In ACN's comp plan, you can make up to 10% (depending on billing volume) on your personal customers. That's where he got the 10%

Keep in mind that getting the whole 10% is very very difficult unless you have a HUUUUUUUGE customer base or have some corporate accounts with huge phone bills. $10,001 in MONTHLY billing is a LOT of money.

That's why it's easier to build a team to help build the residual rather than trying to do it all yourself.

ACN Business Plan

Many people, for the most part, do much better when they have a boss telling them what to do and when to have it done by... and a lot of people wait until the last minute to do it. Not exactly a recipe for success in MLM, unless you have an upline acting as a "boss".

ACN and Worldgate Deal

12-08 - WorldGate and ACN Announce that ACN, Inc. Will Purchase in Excess of $50M in Video Phones

Trevose, PA and Concord, NC– December 12, 2008 - WorldGate Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq –WGAT.OB), a leading provider of video phone products and ACN, Inc., the world's largest direct selling telecommunications company, today announced that they have reached an agreement that calls for ACN to purchase in excess of $50M in video phones over a two year period.

ACN, with sales of approximately $500 million worldwide annually, is one the leading VoIP and video telephony companies in the world today, offering a broad range of telecommunications services, including wireline, wireless and VoIP products, in 19 countries in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

The agreement will provide ACN with a long-term supply of high quality video phones to expand its product line, and it gives WorldGate a significant revenue stream to fund development of its technology and expand distribution to currently untapped telecommunications customers.

ACN and WorldGate will begin immediately to develop a video phone to meet ACN’s specific requirements, and shipments of the ACN model may begin as early as mid-2009. “We have long believed in the market for video phones and it has been a central focus of our service offering over the past several years.

We are confident that this strategic relationship with WorldGate will expand its product selection, and ensure that ACN will make the highest quality video phone products available to consumers around the world,” said Robert Stevanovski, Chairman and Co-Founder of ACN.

“The commitment of ACN, an innovative and global telecommunications company, to a significant purchase of video phones from WorldGate will provide a strong foundation for major growth and expansion of the global market for video phones,” said Hal Krisbergh, Chairman, CEO and founder of WorldGate, Mr. Krisbergh added that “We are excited by the opportunity to work with such a visionary and respected player in the worldwide telecommunications industry.”

The companies expect to distribute details of the transactions within the next few weeks.

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More detailed info can be found at ACN MLM networking business.

ACN Australian Communication Network versus Peter Bowditch.

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