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ACNclear.gif (2586 bytes) The ACN Compensation Plan Overview
The ACN Opportunity has been designed to help you build a business that can produce immediate income, as well as long-term residual income. One of ACN’s greatest strengths is its Compensation Plan. As a new representative, you should set a goal to learn the Compensation Plan in detail – because the better you understand it, the better you'll understand how to work it to your advantage.

ACN offers prospective representatives 2 starting levels – Customer Representative and Team Trainer. In addition, there are 3 earned levels – Executive Team Trainer, Team Coordinator and Regional Vice President.

ACN's Compensation Plan offers a simple but powerful incentive for you to work your way into the earned levels – the higher you go, the more income you can earn!

Getting Started

Regardless of which of the 2 starting levels someone chooses, the same Independent Representative Agreement form is used. People who choose the Customer Representative level pay a one-time training and application fee of $99. Those choosing the Team Trainer level pay $499. Once the Representative Agreement is completed, the white copy of the application should be sent directly to ACN by mail or fax. If the form is completed online, ACN receives it automatically and it will be entered into the system the next business day.
Getting Qualified

In order to qualify for their levels, all ACN representatives MUST acquire customers. To qualify for their level and be eligible to receive Customer Acquisition Bonuses, Team Trainers must acquire and maintain at least 6 "connected" long distance customers or 8 customers using any ACN service.
Earned Levels

As representatives begin to advance through ACN’s earned levels, additional qualifications must be met. To qualify for the first earned level – Executive Team Trainer – you must be a Team Trainer with a minimum of 20 personal billing customers and also have directly sponsored and qualified 3 Team Trainers by helping each of them acquire 6 "connected" long distance customers or 8 customers using any ACN service within the required time. You should set a goal to reach ETT within your first 4 weeks.

To earn the level of Team Coordinator, you must have 3 separately sponsored organizations, or "legs," and each must contain at least 200TC.jpg (12276 bytes) customers. So, for example, if you sponsored one person directly and they acquired 200 customers all by themselves that leg would count. If you sponsored another person and they had recruited 9 people within their organization, now there are 10 of them all together. If each of them had acquired 20 customers, that’s 10x20. That also equals 200. As long as you have a total of 200 customers anywhere in 3 separate legs, you will have achieved the level of Team Coordinator. Set a goal to achieve this level within your first 3-6 months.

RVP.jpg (12690 bytes)To reach ACN’s highest level – Regional Vice President – you must have at least one person achieve the level of Team Coordinator anywhere in each of 5 separate legs of your organization. Earning this level can be achieved in 1-2 years.
Personal Residual Income

ACN representatives can earn money in two ways – through monthly residual income based on their customers’ usage of our services – and through weekly Customer Acquisition Bonuses, which are earned by helping newly sponsored Team Trainers acquire their 6 "connected" long distance customers or 8 customers using any ACN service within the required time. As you begin to acquire personal customers, you can qualify to earn between 2% and 8% of their monthly bills – and earn it month after month, year after year for as long as they continue to use ACN’s services. How much you earn is based on the total amount of billings of all of your personal long distance and Internet customers combined. As your business grows and your total monthly billing volume increases, you earn more.

When all of your customers combined total $12,500 or more in monthly billings, you reach the 8% level.  Whenever you reach a new level, ACN pays you the increase on your entire personal customer base.

Residual Override

You can also earn over-riding residual income on the customers of ALL of the representatives in your organization. On the representatives you personally sponsor – the first "level" or "generation" below you – ACN pays you 1/4% of the total monthly billings of all of the customers they acquire. You can also earn 1/4% over-riding residual income on levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 … 1% on level six … and 6% on level 7 by meeting the qualifications detailed on the Compensation Plan. In addition, representatives holding the level of Regional Vice President are eligible to receive 1/2% over-riding residual income on levels 8 through infinity in their organizations.

Keep in mind that ACN sets no monthly quotas – just a one-time qualification. All you have to do is maintain this qualification and you’ll continue to receive residual income for the life of the customers.

7th Level Qualifications
ACN representatives can qualify to receive over-riding residual income on and throughout their 7th level in two ways – by acquiring and maintaining 40 personal customers or 20 personal customers and 5 directly sponsored qualified Team Trainers. Either way, once you meet and maintain the minimum requirement, you’re fully qualified through 7 levels of the Compensation Plan!

Set a goal to meet these requirements as quickly as possible. Don’t make the minimums your maximums – don’t ride that fine line of having just 20 or 40 customers. If one or more of your customers drops ACN’s services, you don’t want to lose your qualification for that level. You – and EVERY representative in your organization – should always be adding new customers. That’s where the growth comes from!
Customer Acquisition Bonuses

If you take a closer look at the ACN Compensation Plan, you can see how the Compensation Plan works both in the short and long term. The bottom line in building your ACN business is that you’re acquiring customers and recruiting customer getters in order to build a huge residual income for yourself.

But it does take a while for residual income to grow. It starts out slow and then it starts growing and compounding every month because of the geometrical growth of customers occurring within your team. To fuel you up front while your residual income is building, ACN offers Customer Acquisition Bonuses.

Early on, the majority of your income will come from the weekly Customer Acquisition Bonuses you’ll earn. But in the long run, the majority of your compensation will come from the residual income1 created from all of the customers’ monthly billings on all of the levels of your organization.

Note(1)  Claim is not supported by real population figures and actual market share of Company.

CAB Requirements

Customer Acquisition Bonuses are only paid when new representatives meet their minimum customer acquisition requirements. CABs are released when your newly sponsored Team Trainer becomes qualified by acquiring 6 "connected" long distance customers or 8 customers using any ACN service within the required time.

You need to be sure you understand that bonuses are paid only when new representatives get qualified. If they don’t meet their customer qualifications, you will not receive a bonus. So you see the urgency of helping your recruits to get their customers right away.
Three types of Customer Acquisition Bonuses

Personal CABs are the bonuses that you personally earn when you help your newly sponsored representatives meet their customer qualifications.

Open Line CABs are bonuses you earn when representatives in your organization – who have not yet reached your earned level – help their newly sponsored representatives meet their customer qualifications.

Generational CABs are bonuses that you earn when representatives in your organization – who have reached the same earned level as you – help their newly sponsored representatives meet their customer qualifications.

Again – keep in mind that no one receives a bonus merely for bringing a new representative into the business. Bonuses are only earned when new representatives become qualified by acquiring the minimum number of personal customers necessary within the required time.
Personal CABs

Remember that only qualified Team Trainers and higher are eligible to earn bonuses. No bonuses are ever released to Customer Representatives.

The dollar amounts of the Personal Customer Acquisition Bonuses you can earn are determined by your earned level.

If you are a Team Trainer and you personally sponsor a new Team Trainer into the opportunity and help them acquire 6 "connected" long distance customers or 8 customers using any ACN service within the required time, you earn a $90 CAB. If you are an Executive Team Trainer and do the same thing, you earn $150. Team Coordinators earn $240, and a Regional Vice President would earn a $275 CAB.

You bring in a new Team Trainer and he or she acquires 6 "connected" long distance customers or 8 customers using any ACN service within the required time, you earn $90 to $275!
TT Open Line CABs

What happens when the representatives you personally sponsored recruit new representatives of their own and those new representatives acquire their customers and become qualified? Depending on the level you have earned, you’re eligible to receive an Open Line Customer Acquisition Bonus. Only Executive Team Trainers, Team Coordinators and RVPs are eligible – not Team Trainers – and that alone should be a great incentive for you as a new Team Trainer to earn the level of ETT as quickly as possible.

It is important to understand what happens when new Team Trainers who are sponsored by the Team Trainers that you personally sponsored acquire their qualifying customers.

If you are an ETT and a Team Trainer you personally sponsored recruits a new Team Trainer of their own who acquires their qualifying customers within the required time, you earn a $60 Customer Acquisition Bonus. If you are a Team Coordinator and the same thing happens, you earn $150 – and as an RVP, you earn $185. You earn these bonuses for an infinite number of generations of Team Trainers below you. So if you’re a Team Coordinator and one of your personally sponsored Team Trainers recruits and qualifies a Team Trainer … who recruits and qualifies a Team Trainer … who recruits and qualifies a Team Trainer … and that happens for a dozen … a hundred generations, you will earn a $150 Customer Acquisition Bonus for every one of those who acquire their 6 "connected" long distance customers or 8 customers using any ACN service within the required time.

Regardless of where the new qualified Team Trainer falls in your organization – as long as there is no one between you and that new Team Trainer who has earned the same level as you – you receive ALL of the open line CABs. But what happens as people in your organization start earning the same level as you? That’s where Generational Customer Acquisition Bonuses come in.

Generational CABs

To make understanding Generational CABs as simple as possible, just recognize that every time a new Team Trainer becomes qualified by acquiring 6 "connected" long distance customers or 8 customers using any ACN service, ACN pays out a Customer Acquisition Bonus. How much of that CAB you could receive depends on your earned level and the earned levels held by the other representatives between you and the new qualified Team Trainer2 who acquired his or her qualifying customers.

Note(2) Generational CAB describes incentive to thin out TTs and TCs after customers acquired.

Comments from an ACN participant

12/08 - I found the compensation on the cell service was actually not a per billing as it is a per service. This is not a quote but for example you sell a cell service you get a $48 dollar commission spread out over the 2 yr. service agreement. It's the same for Directv and Dish network. You do get a percentage of all ACN services.

A few things turned me off about ACN.

1) Having to come to the meeting even though you have already been to re-learn exactly what they teach every meeting.

2) Patronizing up the wazoo.

3) I was at a meeting I was the only one wearing shorts and a T-shirt and an RVP made a comment we cannot and should not wear anything less than a suit and a tie. hahaha I already make six figures, I was wearing an $80 shirt $60 dollar shorts $100 dollar shoes while most of the people in there were dressed like we were doing aid work at a church in Africa.

4) I was pumped up about it but my "click off" point was hearing everytime how much money everyone made and they could never show me a pay stub. Oh, it's illegal they say. I am already a member. I made 5k last week in my day job and yes I will show you the pay stub.

My final comment is just, "Hey, it's a business with real services. Some people make money, most don't.


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